Trick or Treat at the Castle

I love trick or treat at the castle! It has always been one of my family’s favorite holidays.

It is hard to believe that October is almost over! So today, I am sharing my Halloween decor with you  one last time before it’s time to pack it up and get my Thanksgiving decor done.


I’ve already shared my Halloween mantle with you, but I couldn’t resist showing it to you one more time as I’ve add a new October 31st sign.


The coffee table holds a variety of Halloween decorations. A haunted house is where a wicked witch lives along with all sorts of ghosts and goblins. A spooky forest bowl that lights up with changing colors holds a sorts of treats.


Every witch needs a book to keep track of how to make her potions. When you open this one, the witch asks you if you want some candy!


We have a resident ghost here at the castle. You have to be very quiet. If not, the ghost shares his displeasure with you by moaning and flying across the room.  Trust me, after a few times of this you want to turn him off  will be very sure to be quiet as a mouse!


One of the rooms that I always decorate, but rarely share with you, is the powder bath. As you can see, we had a spider infestation this year! Trick or treat at the castle is always about having fun.


I shared how to make these sweet pumpkins last year, if you missed it you can see them here. They are still some of my very favorite Halloween decorations, so of course I’m going to show them to you!


I haven’t shared the Halloween front porch with you yet. Mainly because I just added a few Halloween decorations to my fall decor, so it hasn’t changed all that much.

This fun Halloween wreath is one of my favorites because it is so colorful and fun!


I’ve saved the best, and my favorite, decoration for last. This is a new purchase for the castle. It’s a doorbell. And it works! You push the button….


and the “eye lid” snaps open. You will hear a”ding dong” doorbell sound. The eye ball looks around while you hear a deep, creepy voice ask you all sorts of questions. “You rang?” “Enter at your own risk. Ha ha ha ha….”  “Weeelllcoome, bwaahahahahah!”

Honestly, I am not sure how many different things the doorbells says, but it’s a lot. Quite frankly, I am amazed that it isn’t worn out. Everyone here at the castle seems to want to ring it constantly! It is so much fun.  Yeah, we are easily amused here at the castle.

I think we are ready for Trick or Treat at the castle. The decor is up and the candy has been bought. Bring on the trick or treaters!


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