A Few Things For Christmas

A few Things for Christmas

Happy Tuesday morning! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve been planning my Christmas decor. I’ve been looking online, doing a little window shopping locally. As I was planning it occurred to me that you might need a few things for Christmas just like me. So today, I’m sharing a few things that I love.  A few I brought home, a few I’m still thinking about and a few stayed at the store but wish I’d brought them home!

Christmas hand towelsHand Towels

New crisp clean hand towels in your bathrooms really elevate your Christmas decor.

HomeGoods has such a great selection and all are under $13.00.

They come in different sizes, patterns and colors.

And these ones?

If you look closely you can see that they  have rhinestones!

Christmas pics

Christmas Picks

I was at Hobby Lobby and they have some of the prettiest Christmas picks I’ve seen this year.

The top ones were only .99cents AND they are 50% off right now.

They come in so many colors  that I can’t imagine that they don’t have them in your colors.

I picked up a larger white one to show that they also come with multiple shiny balls on one stem!


Christmas Garland

This garland came from WalMart and I have to say it is 6 feet of goodness!

The one shown is all felt in red and white, but they have so many different ones in a variety of colors, wooden beads etc.

And the price is absolutely fabulous.

ginger bread themed decor


I’m not a big “Theme” person , but I found these so charming that if I were going to decorate my kitchen in a theme this would be the one.

The sign is so cute and the ribbon is a perfect match. ( It’s also on sale right now!)

The ornaments are so fun and happy who wouldn’t love them in their Kitchen or on their tree?

Who knows this just might be the year I decide to go for it!

mini christmas bulbs

Mini Christmas Bulbs

Okay… full disclosure, I did bring these home!

I have plans for these little beauties.

These would be so cool as decorations on bottle bush trees, jewelry, garlands etc.

And boy do I have plans for them!

Come back tomorrow when I will share with you my color palette for Christmas AND a few things I did buy for Christmas!

Also, I’ll discuss my color palette on Facebook tomorrow!

Until next time…


A few Things for Christmas

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  1. I know red and green are the typical colors for Christmas but those colors just don’t work in my home. I think I’m going neutral. However I am going to decoupage some balls with blue and white napkins. With that in mind I’d choose #3

    1. Nancy I love the neutrals too! I’m sure it will look fabulous. Thanks for letting me know which one you would like!

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