Color Scheme For Christmas 2022

Welcome to Decorate With Us For Christmas! Today my friends and I are sharing our color scheme for Christmas 2022. And I am here for it! If you missed my video talking about color schemes you can see it here. But I plan on re-visiting how I chose my color scheme here today also.

So As you can see, I have three different color schemes to consider.

color scheme number 1

Number 1

Color scheme number 1 is full of traditional colors.

Bright Red, Grass Green, Lime Green and White.

These are the colors I’m traditionally drawn to.

color scheme number 2

Color Scheme 2

The second color scheme is based in blues.

Just like when I decorated for Fall, I would stick with my traditional blues and add in a cherry red, white and black.

I love the idea of using my blues as a base.

color scheme number 3

Color Scheme 3

The third color scheme is one that I already use in my bedroom and LOVE!

It has a lot of traditional 40’s and 50’s colors.

Red, pink, greens, blues, turquoise, white and black.

What’s not to love? Right?

So what did I choose?

Christmas 22 ribbon

I loved all of my choices and I couldn’t decide.

So I decided to go ribbon shopping and see what I could find.

Christmas ribbon

As you can tell, I ended up doing Color Scheme number 1.

It started with the red and white dot ribbon.

I found it as well as the reindeer and metallic sheer green ribbon at Sams!

50 yards for about 8.00 or 9.00 is a bargain.

The mesh ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby for 9.99 less 50% off.

Not too shabby either.

Cutting card stock

Color Swatch

Now that I had chosen my color scheme, it was time to make a color swatch of my colors.

I simply cute a strip of white card stock.


Then cut my paint chips down to fit evenly on my card.

Christmas 22 Color Scheme

I simply glued them on using a glue stick!

This is going to be perfect for me to pop into my purse when I go shopping for my Christmas decor!

Christmas ribbon stack

But I wasn’t finished with it yet!

I realized that I needed to take my ribbon with me to shop for wrapping paper.

So I stacked them neatly and glued them to the back of my color swatch!

I can flip through them when looking at paper and decor.

Having my color scheme for Christmas 2022 with me is a sure fire way of always knowing that whatever I want to buy will match my decor.

My friend Terrie is a genius!

Now please join me in visiting my friends Terrie, Teresa and Corine to see what there color schemes for Christmas are going to be!


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Corine Christmas vision

Junk To Gems

We start our Decorate With Us for Christmas on November 1!

I hope you come along for all the decorating fun.

Until next time…


Which would you choose

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