A Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail 7

What do you get when you pair minky and fleece fabric with little girls? A mermaid tail of course! I have been sitting on this post for a couple of months now, mainly because I made them for the cutest little girls ever on the hubs side of the family and that side of the family didn’t celebrate Christmas until late January! Crazy I know, but that’s how we roll!

mermaid tail 9

I was trolling Pinterest – no eye rolling! – and I came across the cutest site, madebymarzipan.com, that had a tutorial on how to make a mermaid tail snuggie for little girls. And if that wasn’t adorable enough, it also had a picture of a matching snuggie for an American girl doll. So. Darn. Cute!

I ran down to the fabric store where both the minky and the fleece were on sale 50% off. YES!

mermaid tail 8

Then, following Made By Marzipan’s instructions, I made the pattern. They only had instructions for the little girl’s snuggie, so I borrowed a neighbor’s American girl doll – thank you Courtney!- and made my own doll pattern.

Mermaid tail

This is my first one! I love how it turned out. I am not gonna lie, minky dot is a pain to sew. It “rolls” while sewing. Good thing the pattern calls for  a 1″ seam allowance. Honestly, if you aren’t too picky, and you can sew a straight line, this is a super easy project. How did the cutest girls in the world like it?

mermaid tail 2

The Marvelous Miss M loves hers if her smile is any indication.

Mermaid tail 3

And weirdly enough, so did her Dad….

mermaid tail 5

Miss Hannah quickly wiggling into hers with the Marvelous Miss M’s help..

mermaid tail 6

And pretty Haley loved hers, but not having her picture taken…

All in all I’d say these cute snuggies were a success! My only regret is that they don’t have a pattern for big girl snuggies! Oh, well I’d probably kill myself getting in and out of it so it’s probably for the best.

Until next time….


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