Bungalow Dining Room

Bungalow dining room 14I know that I have been sharing my sweet sister’s bungalow with you a lot lately, but it is so DARN cute! I promise after sharing the bungalow dining room with you I will wait awhile to show the rest of the fabulousness!

bungalow dining room 15

This is the first picture of the dining room my sister sent to me… Worst. Picture. Ever. If you use your imagination you can see the beautiful built ins, the hardwoods and those windows…. I would kill to have that much light in my dining room!!!
bungalow dining room 10We started from scratch except for one piece, a buffet that my sister already had. A friends mom  gave me these chairs.

bungalow dining room 8

My son was selling his table at a garage sale, so we snatched both up for her dining room.

bungalow dining room 11

To make the two different styles work together, I used my favorite new friend… the paint sprayer .

bungalow dining room 12

When it was done, this was the result. I love it!

bungalow dining room 13

Now you don’t notice that the styles are vastly different!

bungalow dining room 4

And this is what it looks like in the dining room….AWESOME!

bungalow dining room 5

Due to the lighting, it is really hard to get a good picture of this wall. My sister wanted curtains on the windows but still wanted the light to come through.  These soft apple green curtains  are perfect.

bungalow dining room 2

The only thing we don’t have complete is the only piece we started with. The buffet. We still want to paint the buffet in the background.

Notice the overhead light? It is my favorite thing in the room.

bungalow dining room 9

It was a steal on Offerup.com. It is so beautiful. It is a reproduction, but it looks like it has always been in the room! We could not have found a more perfect light.
bungalow dining room 1It is hard to tell, but at night it is magnificent!

There you have it. The bungalow dining room still has a few tiny things we need to finish, but we aren’t in too big of a hurry. My sister is like me, she likes to take her time finishing a room. You never know what wonderful things waiting around the corner!

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