A New Dining Room Table – Again!

white french table and chairs

If you were looking really close when I shared my Memorial Day Table, you might have noticed that I have a new dining room table – again!

This is table number 3 since we moved in last October.

No, I do not have a table addiction!

When we moved in I knew I needed a different one, I just hadn’t found one that I loved so I used our old formal dining room table.

And then, in January, I found this one.

And I loved it.

Still do.

However, every time one of the men in my family sat in these dainty chairs and leaned back, they chair made a horrible noise like it was going to fall apart any minute.

Which made me realize that even though I loved it, they just wouldn’t work for us.

pine farmhouse table

My BFF Roxanne was having an estate sale and had this wonderful Pottery Barn farmhouse table and chairs.

And even though they didn’t have the curvy french lines of my last one, they super sturdy and cute..

The only negative about them was that I didn’t care for the  color of the pine table.

blue chair

However, I loved the style and color of the chairs.

partially sanded table top

So I set out to transform the table to match the chairs!

I sanded the table with an orbital sander and belt sander for a good 5 hours.

Thankfully, The Hubs helped!

raw wood table top

Once it was down to the raw wood it was time for the magic to happen.

pre-stain, stain, polyurethane, liquid sandpaper

I started this table transformation with the top first.

I used Minwax pre-stain to make sure that the wood took the stain evenly.

Once that was dry, I stained the top with three coats of Walnut.

I wanted a medium dark finish, so this was perfect.

The next day, after the stain had thoroughly dried, I gave it three coats of Varathane polyurethane in a satin water base formula.

This was my first time to use this product and I am in LOVE with it.

It went on super smooth, no brush marks and dried quickly.

When the top was finished, I started on the table apron and legs.

Step 1, rub it down with liquid sandpaper!

I hate sanding chair and table legs, mainly because it’s HARD!

Since I didn’t need to repair anything, this was the perfect solution.

blue paint, paint  brush

After a lot of sleuthing and stalking the Pottery Barn Pinterest boards I finally found the color of paint used on the chairs.

Since I wasn’t entirely sure that it was right, I purchased a sample quart of the color in Satin.

It went on so smoothly and was the perfect color, so I just used the sample quart to paint my table apron and legs!

Two coats, a little distressing, followed by an antiquing coat of the Walnut stain and my bottom half o the table was ready for a couple of coats of the Varathane!

And while the lighting isn’t the best in this picture, trust me when I say that it matches perfectly!

blue table and chairs

We love it!

The best part?

No more screaming chairs.

The Worst part?

Now the neutral rug and curtains don’t really go with the table and chairs.

Yep, if you’ve followed me for long you know that I subscribe to the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” form of decorating whether I intend to or not!

floral fabric, blue rug,  blue leopard fabric, green and white fabric

So here’s the color pallet that I’m thinking of using.

Number 1 is Emmie Blue and would make the prettiest curtains.

Number 2, of course would be the rug.

Now , the next two are a toss up for the chairs to be recovered in.

Do I stick with the blue tones of number 3, or do I boldly go where I’ve never gone before with the crips white and green of number 4?

Decisions, decisions….

What do you think?

If you are like certain members of my family and are thinking “she’s got an new table and chairs – again? The girl has lost her mind!”

I promise, this is the last time!!!!!

I think.

Until next time..

A new table and chairs again

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