Painting the Buffet

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black buffet

You, my friends, should be so proud of me! Before painting the buffet I actually thought to take a before picture!

Back about 100 years or so ago when I was a faux finish painter, I found this dresser on the side of the road. It was my first piece to ever make over. The Hubs added four legs from a an old bench that my BFF and I dug out of a trash pile to the bottom and TA DAAAA!

The buffet was born.

Oh, the decor styles this buffet has seen. It was painted white with lots of antiquing and gold accents through my Old World phase. Then, it was painted solid white during my less is more after the opulence of the Old World phase. When it became part of my office decor it was painted the black that you see in this picture.

Today, with the changing out of all things white and neutral in my dining room, I knew that once again my buffet needed a little face lift. There were just too many pieces of different colored furniture for me!

blue buffet

I painted the buffet the same blue as the chairs and table. If you missed how I did that, then you can see the how to here.

No recap of the painting because ain’t nobody wanna see that two times in a row!

This isn’t one of those “Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe it’s the same piece of furniture!” before and afters. It’s a really subtle one. In fact, I asked The Hubs how he liked it and he hesitated in his answer. Finally he said, “Well, it’s not that big of a difference.”

And he’s right.

blue and white dining room

My main goal was to make it seamlessly become more compatible with the rest of the room.

So, I guess, mission accomplished!

blue buffet

In this picture, if you look closely,  you can see just how many times it’s been painted. If it were a better piece of furniture I would have stripped it down before painting.

Honestly, I’m kind of afraid to go too far down as it might remove more than I bargained for. I also decided to keep the hardware.

I’m eventually going to replace it, but I’m waiting until I find something I love!

gold paint, buffet

I swore I wasn’t going to add any gold to the buffet this time. Well, I was wrong. I only added the tiniest bit of Rub’nBuff. Due to adding some gold pieces in the rest of the room, it just seemed appropriate. Besides, if I hate it, I can always paint over it!

chairs, buffet, coffee bar, chalk board

Sorry the pictures are a little dark. Of course the day I had scheduled to take pictures it’s been raining all day! I’m officially calling this side of the room done.

For now.

I still have a few things that I want to do in the future. Like get rid of that intercom system. But, that’s another day!

blue buffet, coffee bar, chalk board

Finished or not, I’m enjoying the change from black to blue. It ties in with the rest of the room and looks like it’s always been that way. After years of painting just about everything I’m still amazed at the power of a little paint. Now to finished up the rest of the dining room.

I can’t wait to share what’s coming up next with you!

Until next time…

Painting the buffet

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