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coffee table

I’m so happy to tell you that we have a new table in the kitchen. Well, it might be better to say that we have a new / old table .

If you follow along you know that I made our old kitchen table into a coffee table. If you missed it, you can see that transformation here. Which left me searching for a new table for the kitchen.


A few months ago I purchased this table from a friend for a client. Unfortunately, the table wouldn’t fit the space in my clients room.

So the table sat in my garage until I could figure out what to do with it, much to The Hubs dismay!

When I started looking for a new one, this table immediately came to mind.


I loved the details of the table, it’s shape and the fact that it could be a small round table to seat 4 or could be expanded multiple times to seat up to 8 or 10 people.

kitchen table

After a thorough cleaning, it was time to paint.

I honestly thought about painting it a bright happy color, but that would have meant changing up the kitchen. Not willing to do that!

So, I went back to my old standard, Annie Sloan’s Graphite with a dark wax.

I applied two coats, then a coat of dark wax to seal it.

dining room table and chairs, kitchen hutch

So how did it turn out? I think it turned out fabulous!

I even love the oval shape, which kind of surprised me! The smaller, round shape was a few inches smaller in diameter than our old one and it felt too tiny.

This feels just about perfect!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with our new table in the kitchen and The Hubs is happy to have it out of the garage too!

A new table in the kitchen

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