Blue Lamps in the Living Room

duck egg lamp

With all of the changes I’ve made this spring in our living room, it quickly became apparently that our old lamps just didn’t work anymore. I looked to buy new ones. I shopped The Castle ( home) for old ones. And didn’t find any that I loved. So, my solution was to paint the old ones. I now have blue lamps in the living room!

duck egg lamp

Before I could paint I had to do a little prep work.

Not only did the color not work any more, but I also had grown to dislike the distressing on the lamps. They were too evenly spaced, some were even the exact same shape. They had to go. To make sure that they didn’t show up in the new paint, I gave each lamp a light sanding.

blue lamp

I thought I had hit pay dirt when I found what I thought was the perfect spray paint in the garage.

Until, after painting, I put the lamps in the living room.

Can you say BLUE? I mean, this was obviously the wrong blue. Very bright, very shiny.

Back to the drawing board!

blue lamp in the living room

I was giving my patio chairs a little touch up, when it occurred to me how perfect this color would be for my lamps!

Navy, with a hint of steel blue!

blue lamps in the living room

It shouldn’t, but it always amazes me how color makes such a difference.

Even when it’s a subtle change.

As you can see, the toned down navy is sooo much better in this case.

Blue lamps in the living room

Once the navy paint had dried, I added a touch of gold paint to give it a little depth.

blue lamp in the living room

I think the blue lamps in the living room are my very favorite!

So far. For now… lol.

If nothing else, painting the lamps blue helps pull the room together and gives me time to find lamps that I love more than I do these.

Until next time….

blue lamps in the living room

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    1. Lisa thank you! The gold paint is Martha Stewarts Multi-surface acrylic in gold. I love that paint. You can find it at Michaels!

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