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A Royal Dog Bed


dog b 13

Recently I made a few changes in my kitchen. I took down the metal pot rack hanging over the kitchen island.  Mainly because I never hung pots off of it. For years the only thing the pot rack held was a decorative vine with berries on it and a ton of dust. Not attractive. At all! I like to recycle when at all possible, so rather than toss the pot rack to the curb I decided to make it into a royal dog bed!

dog b 8

I thought I had a before photo of the pot rack hanging in the kitchen, but for the life of me I couldn’t find it. The pot rack’s original finish was an oil rubbed bronze. Which I love, but it just didn’t fit into the plans I had for it. The plan? White Shabby Chic with lots of bling!

I gave it a couple of light coats of white spray paint and sanded it down in places to give it the shabby chic look.

dog b 5My son put in a bottom and attached wooden legs for me. I originally wanted to put a french decorative leg on the dog bed, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t be sturdy enough. The wooden block legs can hold a ton of weight without breaking off.

dog b 6

After it was all assembled, it was time to decorate! I made a custom dog pillow for the bed and added 20 crystals to the top and sides of the bed. You just can’t have a royal dog bed without a little bling!

dog b 2

Here’s a better picture of the the detail on the top. Truth be told, I wanted to add a lot more bling, but it was pointed out to me that for safety reasons it might be prudent to stick to a minimal amount of bling. I really, really wanted to add a tiara somewhere!

dog b 12

See? A tiara is perfect!

dog b 1

I have made other dog beds, you can see those here, but I believe this is my favorite!

Let the royal dog’s nap begin!

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