Pumpkins and Leaves

fall 15 13

My fall decorating is finally complete. It took me forever to find the motivation, but I dug deep and pulled it off in between football and cooking out. Pumpkins and leaves abound here at the castle and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you!


I know that a lot of you favor going with white pumpkins and white decor and if you are one of those peeps that’s okay, but here in Texas we don’t get a true fall very often. I tend to bring in the fall colors when decorating because we don’t get fall outside! This year I decided I wanted to bring in more organic decor along with my fall colors.  As you can see, I have lots of pinecones, pumpkins and leaves mixed in with my regular decor.

fall 15 10

The fall decorating season is pretty short, so I tend to do things that I can easily add- and remove – my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor.

fall 15 9My sweet little bird in his nest looks awesome with the fall leaves. He lives in my kitchen year round so he sees a lot of seasonal changes.

fall 15 4

I finally figured out what to do with my “bird cage”.  I’ve had two of these for awhile and I never really liked what I came up with until now. You can’t see it, but stacked pumpkins are inside with fall foliage on the outside.

fall 15 3

The living room got a few fall updates also. I moved a stool from the entry into the living room to replace my wild and crazy white and gold one. This time though, I am using it for a side table instead of a footstool.  Just add a large tray and it is an instant side table.

fall 15 2

Some of the pillows got new covers. Out with the summer ones and in with the fall ones…

fall 15 1

I finally found a turquoise velvet pumpkin to add to my collection. These beauties are hanging out on the coffee table… I really, really lurve them!

fall 15 6

Here’s a sneak peek of the dining room. This was the room that got the biggest change in the fall decor. So much so that it needs it’s own post, which I promise to share with you later. I just couldn’t resist showing you a little of it’s greatness!

fall 15 7

I normally don’t do chair decor, but lately I have came up with a couple of things that may have just changed my mind.

fall 15 5

I couldn’t resist adding a lot  little bling to the pillows on the chairs. I really like the gold leaves. They are so warm and have just the right amount of sparkle!

That completes my fall decor on the inside. The outside? Well, that my friend is another day!

Until next time….


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