A Whole Lot Of Nothin’ Goin’ On


Hey y’all! I have to say that it’s hot. I mean really, really hot. Like 111 degrees hot. Hotter than Hell’s basement hot. It’s so hot here at The Castle we’ve got a whole lot of nothin’ goin’ on! It’s even too hot to get in the pool.

Seriously, I’m so over this heat, I’m ready for fall to hurry it’s self up and get here!

Between the heat and our house being back on the market, yes, I said back on, we are hard pressed to do much of anything.

Happy Birthday Flamingo Cake

We did take a few days and head to Oklahoma for my niece, Beep’s, second birthday!


I can not believe that she’s already 2!

She loves flamingos, so that was the theme for her party.

As my Granny used to say, She’s so cute I just want to pinch her!

Halloween Pillows

With the house on the market, I can’t do a whole lot of projects.

Especially those that take any amount of time, you never know when you’ll get a call to show the house.

So, I’ve been doing a little shopping.

I found these sweet Halloween pillows.

Y’all know I have an addiction!

However, the skeleton will be going to my youngest’s house, so I’m not feeling too guilty.

The skeleton came from Home Goods and the Witch Is In came from Sam’s!

furry house shoes

My house shoes bit the dust, so I was on the hunt for something cute, light weight, with a hard sole for summer.

Tall order.

Until I found these!

I know, just what you wanted to see, pictures of my feet!

These sweet things came from Amazon!

Totally impractical, but a girls gotta have some glam once in awhile.

pumpkin plug in

Did you know that Bath and Body has been having sales on their Fall products?

Last week if you ordered $25.00 worth of product, you were gifted this pumpkin wall plug in with fragrance refill!

I’m on the fence about the gold leaves, but over all it’s cute .

And the smell is divine!

bath and body soap

So what did I order?

Bath and Body Works hand soap!

Fall sign

Next, this may be my favorite thing I’ve purchased this month.

This adorable Fall sign!

Not only is it cute, but….

Boo to you sign

It is reversible!

One minute it’s Fall, then it’s Boo to you!

So stinkin’ cute.

Too bad it’s not nearly time to put it out.

However, until it is time I’ll be sitting here at The Castle where we’ve got a whole lot of nothin’ goin’ on!

Until next time…


  1. I know just what you mean about the heat. Here in Georgia we have been “burning up” all summer. We live fairly near the coast so we are hoping that the Atlantic is not heating up and getting in
    hurricane mode. We shall see. Hope you get some relief soon. Until then, make sure that the a/c stays in good running condition.

    1. Shirley I hope that the ocean doesn’t heat up either…. Hurricane season is no fun for sure. We have friends that live in Biloxi and they lost their house in Katrina. So scary! Hope that it gets cooler where we BOTH are soon! Have a great week!

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