Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover

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Dollar Tree Pumpkins, chalk paint

Hey all! I’m back with more of my Dollar Tree haul. Today I’m sharing a Dollar Tree pumpkin makeover! As you can see they have a ton of baby pumpkins, but some are not in the colors that most of us decorate with.

Over the years, I’ve decorated, carved and painted a lot of pumpkins, but I’ve never given a makeover to a Dollar Tree pumpkin.

Shocking, I know!

However, don’t pass those deals by just because they aren’t perfect.

It’s so easy to custom make them to fit your home!

chalk painted Pumpkins

Using chalk paint, I gave my baby boos 2 coats of chalk paint.

I left those bright green stems on to have a handle while I painted.

Trust me, those will be removed later.

pumpkin with stick stem

Once I had two good coats of paint, I removed the green stems and added a stick from my yard.

Using a craft knife, I cut a hole out of the top of my pumpkin slightly smaller than the circumference of my stick.

Once, my stick was in the pumpkin, I added a little bit of hot glue to hold it in place.


While I was waiting on the pumpkins to dry, I made a few bows to go on the top of my pumpkins.

Each is different, as I made them to go in my sisters homes as well as mine.

One sister has more of a glam style, while the other is more stream lined.

Of course, mine is somewhere in between.

dollar tree pumpkin makeover

This pumpkin will go in my sisters home that loves a more stream lined look.

She lives in a craftsman bungalow and all of her colors are warm earth tones.

pumpkin, stick stem, ribbon and embellishment

Sister #2 likes lots of girly glam with turquoise!

I knew she would love this ribbon and for a little added glam, I added a fun old ear ring as an embellishment.

White pumpkin and ribbon

And last, but not least, my baby boos!

I wanted a more traditional, shabby chic look.

white pumpkin and ribbon

I have to admit that this Dollar Tree pumpkin makeover was super fun, easy, and took very little time.

My kind of project!

Until next time…..

Tammy from Patina and Paint


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