Another Christmas Craft

I have another Christmas craft to share with you, just one more. I promise. Again, like last time, it’s an easy one. Which sometimes are my favorite kind!

 Every year I try to make, or buy, something small for all of the women in my family. This year I decided to make leather earrings!

I found this “faux” leather here.

It is the perfect weight and thickness for cutting on my Silhouette.

Cutting out the earrings was super simple.

Simply choose a design in the Silhouette design catalog, edit the size, and cut them out.

Since I was making over a dozen, I cut multiples out at once.

The sampler of leather that I chose had several different neutral metallics that are super adorable, however this leather comes in several different bright colors also.

Just in case you’re not a neutral kind of girl.

And, an added bonus, the leather is paintable.

I did make several that I painted bright colors.

Once the leather was cut out, all that was left to do was attach the fish hooks.

I found these hypo- allergenic ones here:

This is the finished product.

I guess they were a hit, because my sister brought me this leather the next day to make her another pair!

Just in case your thinking that  you can’t make these without a Silhouette or a Cricut, not so!

This leather is way too thick for my machine to cut.

So, I simply traced the pattern on the back of the leather and cut it out with super sharp scissors.

A needle is the perfect way to make the hole for the fish hook earring.

See? Super simple!

Maybe it’s time for you to try another Christmas craft at your house!

Now, I’m all geared up to find some new and interesting materials to make more earrings…

Until next time…


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