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Ella’s Table and Chairs

If I’m totally honest, I love painting children’s rooms and furniture more than anything else. Which means that I love my job during the holiday season, as I get to paint a lot of things children related. This year I got to paint a super fun toy chest and and Ella’s table and chairs.

I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had painting both pieces!

Queen Lally asked if I would paint a table for her granddaughter, Ella.

Of course, I wasn’t passing up the opportunity to paint something fun!

This set is from Doug and Melissa.

It started out a plain light wood that was primed and painted white!

Once it was white, the decorating and fun painting began.

Her only requirement was that I use the colors turquoise and purple.

After a few quick sketches we came up with this design.

A monogram, which is my favorite, polk a dots, flowers and squiggles all came together for a super fun design.

I think that Ella’s table and chairs turned out pretty darn cute!

Merry Christmas Ella!

Until next time….


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