Art in the Guest Bathroom Part 2

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There is nothing that will light a fire under me to get things done than having company. It’s time for The Hubs annual family BBQ, which means we will be sleeping around 16 of the 35 invited. So I’ve been working overtime to get things put together here at the castle. I recently shared with you my failed attempt at art in the guest bathroom, so I only felt it fair to redeem myself and share the art in the guest bathroom part 2!

The week I lost my mojo

This was my first attempt. Ever have one of those “what was I thinking moments”? Well, this was mine! Thankfully I found something I like much better!

artwork in the guest bathroom

This was the one piece of art that I fell in love with and used as a jumping off place for the rest of the room.

Since the room was all black and white, I wanted some color to spice things up.


Recently, Stacey at Poofing the Pillows shared this fabulous arrangement of vintage mirrors from Le Cultivateur. 

Isn’t this beautiful?

It made me want to run out and start buying every antique mirror I could find.

I love it that much!

Fast forward a few days later.

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby.

They had the prettiest white frames and they were all on sale!

I remembered this beautiful wall and knew what I wanted to do for art in the guest bathroom.

art in the guest bathroom part 2

Here’s my gallery wall.

Not nearly as pretty as the antique mirrors but I’m really loving it.


Some of the frames I left empty.

art in the guest bathroom part 2

Others I hung flowers inside.

The glass was not able to be removed in one of the frames, so I added a mini monogram.

picture frames

I texted a picture of the art in the guest bathroom part 2 to my BFF Roxanne and asked her if this was better.

Her response: “Much!” She is so right.

I like that it is clean and simple.

As you all know, that may change tomorrow.  My house is always changing.

The important thing is that everything is ready for my husbands family.

Let the fun begin!

Until next time….


Tammy from Patina and Paint


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