Summer Front Porch Rug

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It’s hot here in North Texas! No worries though, I’ve been getting a lot of projects done. Inside! My latest project wasn’t really meant to be a project. I wanted to put a out a new summer front porch rug.

summer front porch rug

Which should have been easy. Right? Turns out to be a little more complicated than I would have thought.

door mat

I’ve had this rubber matt on the front porch for awhile.

It was great during the winter with it’s raised Damask pattern.

The doormat really did a great job of keeping out dirt, leaves  and mud.

But as summer rolled around, it started looking a little sad and tired.

Have you seen all of the layered front door rugs on Pinterest?

Some are truly swoon worthy!

dimples and tangles

Like this one Jennifer did at Dimples and Tangles.

Or this one from Inspiration for Moms.

Once I saw those beauties I knew I had to try my hand a creating one.

Two Rugs.

One large patterned rug on the bottom.

A smaller patterned coir matt on the top.

It should be simple, right?

Turns out, not so much.

I found this rug at Michael’s for $15.00.

Here’s where things went sideways.

The rug was a 4 X 6.

Way to large for my tiny front porch.

cutting a rug

Too big, no problem.

I would simply cut it in half, fold over 1 inch and sew it up with fishing line.


I knew the rug was plastic.

And that it was woven.

However, I didn’t think that it would quickly start unraveling!

It was like a pig who’s griddle exploded.


rug with tape

After a little thought, which would have been really good to have done before I started cutting, I ran a piece of packing tape down the length of my cut.

Then I cut a straight line down the middle of the tape.

The tape holds the rug together beautifully.

rug and needle

Once that was done, I folded the edge of the rug over 1 inch and whip stitched the edge with fishing line.

It worked like a charm.


It turned out way better than I had could have expected.

Now I was back to it being a simple project.

First layer, nice bright pretty stripes.

Summer front porch rug

Second layer,  a pretty coir mat from Hobby Lobby!

summer front porch rug

I honestly love my new summer front porch rug!

The colors make me super happy.

I’m going to blame the heat for my brain not working properly. This time anyway!

Until next time….


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Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Stacey I love mine- now that it’s done 🙂 – but I would recommend finding the first layer in an appropriate size. I found others, however I needed one that was waterproof as our porch gets wet from the sprinklers. Would love to see yours when you get it done.

    1. Honestly Rita had I known that it would have taken that much from the start I’m not sure I would have started it either! But once I started that mess, I had to finish!

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