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Avengers Lamp

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My niece sent me a photo of an Avengers lamp and asked if I could make one like it for her son Hunter.

Avengers Lamp 8


I love Marvel comics! I read all of the comics along with my sons when they were younger. I couldn’t wait to start this project.

Avengers lamp 2

I was lucky enough to find two of these lamps at a garage sale. They needed a little work, but for the most part they were perfect for my project.

Avengers lamp

Finding the action figures for the lamp turned out to be much harder than I anticipated.  Most toy stores only carry the four inch and the twelve inch action figures. What’s up with that? I finally found some on Amazon, and let me tell you even that was iffy!

Avengers 1

I needed something for the lamp and the action figures to sit on. I found a wooden plaque at Michaels that turned out to be the perfect base for my lamp. I spray painted it to match the lamp.

avengers lamp 5

I attached my action figures and the lamp to the wooden base with an epoxy glue, making sure to wipe any excess glue off.

Avengers lamp 9

The picture of the lamp my niece sent me had a lampshade that had been covered in Avengers material. I kid you not, I had the exact material leftover from a t-shirt quilt I had made for my oldest son!

Avengers lamp 10

Using scrap material, I made a pattern for each side of the lamp shade.

avengers lamp 11

Then cut out the pieces from the Avengers material.

avengers lamp 12

I attached the material pieces to the lampshade using Liquid Stitch fabric glue. Liquid stictch is durable and doesn’t stain existing material on the lampshade. I hate it when you can see the glue!

Avengers lamp 13

I wasn’t worried about the edges being raw since I was planning on using gimp to hide them, just like in the photo of our inspiration lamp.

Avengers lamp 4The completed lamp shade turned out pretty cute!

Avengers lamp 7

I think that the Avengers lamp turned out pretty cute too!

My favorite feature of the lamp is the action figures. You can reposition them from the waist up. It’s like a whole new lamp every time you do!

I loved making this lamp and I’m hoping that Hunter loves it too! My next project? Painting  the Avengers on ceiling fan blades. I promise to share them with you as soon as they are done.



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