Before and Afters

Today I am sharing the Before and Afters of July.

Before and Afters 6

I have been so busy working outside of the castle, I haven’t had much of time to get a lot of things done.


before and after glider

The first of the before and afters was a glider rocker. This glider sat in my pile of” things to do” for months. I finally got around to finishing this glider for a mom of twins.

Before and Afters 2

I gave it four light coats of turquoise spray paint.

Before and Afters 1

I also made new cushions, using the old ones for a pattern. I think that it turned out pretty cute!

Before and Afters 7I have been slowly working on the guest bedroom in between mural jobs. The guest room dresser and bed had an antique white finish, however that didn’t go with my new guest bedroom theme at all.  In the picture above, you can see the before.

before and After

This is the after. I love how clean it looks. I used pure white chalk paint, then gave it a light distressing on the edges.  I may or may not use the mirror in the guest room, but painted the mirror to match the dresser just in case. You never know when this girl will change her mind!

Before and Afters

I am also still debating the hardware. These are the original drawer pulls.  They used to be a yucky brown color that looked dirty rather than brown. I simply spray painted them gold, which gave them a clean, glam look.

Before and Afters 4

Once the dresser was done, I moved on to the bed to give it the same finish that I did on the dresser.

Before and Afters 5

I wish that I could tell that I took a picture of the bed after I had finished painting it. The fact of the matter is that I didn’t. I was so excited to be done with the bed that I had it put back together and the bedding on it before I remembered.  Yeah, no flies on this girl!

However, if you look really close at the top of the photo you can see a little tiny sliver of the bed.  The bed has a nice, bright white, clean look now that matches the dresser.

You are also getting a sneak peek of the bedding and curtains for the guest room!

Guest room

I hope to share the new and improved guest room with you soon. I just need to make a decision on what color to paint the walls. I have narrowed it down to two colors. Prairie Rose and Bella Pink.  If I don’t decide which color soon, I may just flip a coin!

While there weren’t that many before and afters this month, I feel like the ones that I did finish turned out really well.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the glider will be put to good use with the twins and the painted furniture for my guest room are a great foundation for what I hope will be an awesome room for our guests.


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