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$10 on the 10th

Welcome to August’s edition of $10 on the 10th! This month our theme is Back To School. As I was thinking of what I wanted to share with you, it occurred to me that  organization is key to start out a new year. So I’m sharing a back to school clipboard.

Hey! And just so you know, clipboards aren’t just for teachers.

Students can use them.

Mom’s can use them to post weekly schedules, chore charts, after school activities… the possibilities are endless.

They can be carried around, hung on a wall or placed on a desk.

AND not only are they super useful for organization, they can be super cute too!



I found this clipboard at the Dollar Tree.

Of course, it was only $1.00!

You will also need acrylic paints and paint brushes.

Blue tape

Clear Spray Sealer



drawing a circle on clipboard

Back To School Clipboard – Step 1

Paint your clipboard.

I’m not going to lie, this clipboard was super porous.

I think I  may have put about 5 coats of white base coat on it.

Note to self: give it a light spray of clear sealer before base coating!

Once my base coat was dry I drew on a circle in the middle of the clipboard.

Then using 2 inch blue tape I taped off the board for painting.

taped off clipboard

Step 2

Once you have taped off your board, go back and really burnish – or rub hard- the edges of your tape to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Paint your clipboard.painted clipboard

Step 3

Paint the design on your board.

I know, some of you are thinking that you can’t paint.

That’s okay.

You CAN decoupage, use decals, and stencils.

This is the time to get really creative!

Painted clipboard

Step 4

Once your design is finished and completely dry, add a name or monogram.

Again, if you aren’t comfortable painting the letters, then you can make  or order vinyl lettering.

Stencils are great to use here too.

painted back side of clipboard

Step 5

The back side of your clipboard needs love too.

So paint it!

This is where you really want to get creative and have fun with decorating it.

clipboard on desk

Step 6

Give both sides a couple of good even top coats.

I like to use a clear spray sealer for even coverage.

Once this is done, your back to school clipboard is done!

So what did I spend on my clipboard?

I already had the paints and spray sealer.

The only out of pocket expense was the clipboard for $1.08 including tax.

However, even if you did buy the paint, clipboard and sealer you can easily make one of these for under $10.00.

child in apron

Here’s a bonus tip.

My sweet niece Beep is going into 4K this year, so I painted her a back to school apron.

The apron you can find here.

Simply draw on your design, paint with multi-surface paint or acrylic paints with a fabric medium added and you have a custom cute back to school apron!

Don’t want to paint?

There are a ton of iron on designs available!

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Back to School Clipboard

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  1. Oh my! What a cute idea! Those clipboards would make great teacher gifts. 👍🏻
    And “Beep” is a precious little model.

    1. Thanks Karen, Beep is a cutie with a 4 year old attitude. The clipboards would make cute teacher gifts… and so easy to make!

    1. Thanks Cindy! You know if I can make anything functional cute I will and here at the Castle if it doesn’t move on it’s own I will be painting it. lol

  2. Oh, your niece is adorable in her new school apron!!! I have to say, I love making clipboards pretty… Yours turned out great and I appreciate the emphasis to really “burnish” the tape down before painting the second color. Really fun project for school and for around the house!

    Thanks again for the fun idea,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks Barb, we do enjoy Beep and she loved that apron! She wore it here recently to play with slime sand I was crazy enough to buy for her. Happy to say that the apron held up but the patio where she played with the sand didn’t fair so well! lol

  3. Tammy, your niece is just adorable in her new apron!!! I love making clipboards pretty and have made a few over the years… Yours is really pretty!!! I appreciate too that you really emphasized “burnishing” the tape so the second paint wouldn’t bleed underneath.

    Great job and enjoy your new clipboard,
    Barb 🙂

  4. This is beautiful! 10 on the 10th looks like so much fun. I have been checking out everyone’s posts for a few months. I would love to join if yall ever want to add someone else!

    1. Girl you are welcome to join us anytime! If you are serious give me a shout at tammy@patinaandpaint and I will give you all of the details! We would love to have you join in.

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