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Do you know what time it is? It’s time for my annual Dollar Tree Fall Haul! I know that I’m sharing two posts in a row with you on all things to buy for fall. I even considered waiting a week or so, however I knew if I did that some things just wouldn’t be there for you to buy. So, because I love you, I knew you’d want me to let you in on all the things to buy!

They were just beginning to put their fall items  out and already certain items were out of stock.

The early bird gets the worm here people!

wooden cutouts

I’m starting off with my favorite.

These fall wooden cutouts.

I fell in love with this truck.

Oh, the cute things I have planned for it!

They had the wooden pumpkins last year, however the latte mugs are new.

So many things that you can do with both of these.

football, pumpkin wooden hanger

Next, this fall football sign.

This was available last year also.

I buy this one, take it apart and use the individual pieces for other projects.

So basically, I only pay .25 each!

fall leaves

I don’t use a lot of these fake fall leaves, however since I live in Texas where the leaves don’t turn until almost Christmas – if at all – I occasionally want to add these for color and texture.

fall berry garland

I love these fall berry garlands!

The white and the green speak my language.

And even though they are considered fall, I think they would be great for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They also had them in orange and red berry colors.

pumpkin floral picks

Dollar Tree is always good for cheap pumpkins.

This year they also have several different mini pumpkin sizes.

Which I love for fall arrangements.

wooden halloween cutouts

I know that I said it was a “fall haul”, but Halloween is in the fall too.

Plus, again, if I don’t share it with you now, you know it won’t be there next week!

These wooden cutouts are always a favorite of mine.

I bought the ghost and witches hat last year and regretted not getting the cat.

Well, not this year!


They’ve had these bats for several years and I always seem to find a place for them!

They have clips on the back so they are perfect for tablescapes, flower arrangements etc.

halloween ornaments

These ornaments are new to me.

I don’t do Halloween trees, but I can see these tucked into arrangements, placed in a bowl or even a cute cauldron!

halloween bottle brush trees

These are definitely new!

Remember I said that if you didn’t get them when you see them they would be gone?

Well, they were stocking the Fall/Halloween area as I was shopping and these were the last two left.

Apparently lady came in ahead of me and bought all but these two.

The early bird….

purple pumpkin floral picks

I found several different glittery floral picks that found their way home with me too!

halloween floral

I have a very special place for these weird beauties.

Honestly, if you had asked my 20 year old self if I would be buying these I would have rolled my eyes at you!

pumpkins, pipe cleaners

Last, but not least are these pumpkin picks and shiny purple metallic pipe cleaners.

All of the things I’ve shared with you today on their own aren’t that impressive, but put together with other things and they are going to make some pretty cute fall and Halloween decor items.

So if you loved my Dollar Tree Fall Haul, you’d better run down to the DT and fill up your cart!

One last thing, to see a video of my haul you can go here.

Until next time…

Dollar Tree Fall Haul

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know the fall stuff is in. Who thinks about fall decorations when it’s almost 100 degrees outside?

    1. Karen I am so with you about thinking about fall this early. Life of a blogger! I have to admit that it’s hard to start decorating right now. These high temps are killing me…

    1. Thanks Terrie. I was at Walmart yesterday and scored some cute pillows for fall. Seems like every year it get’s harder to find cute and affordable decor!

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