Bamboo Candleholders

Bamboo Candleholders

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I was lucky enough to come upon their 90% off isle. It was suppose to be a quick run in, run out  trip, but I made the time for a quick stroll. I found several things that just had to come home with me, including the cutest bamboo candleholders ever!

price tag

Each candle One of the candleholders was missing a slat on the bottom for the glass cup to sit on.

However, I knew that would be an easy fix.

Each candleholder was$4.49 each.

I grabbed all four that they had left.


bamboo candleholders

I love the look of bamboo, but I’ve never really known where to put it in my home.

While I think of myself as an eclectic decorator, bamboo always seemed a little too Gilligans Island in my home.

With the recent trend of gold bamboo picture frames, trays, and all things chinoiserie I knew that I could finally find the perfect place for a little bamboo.

bamboo picture frames, candleholder

Once the broken slat was repaired, I gave each of the candleholders a couple of coats of gold spray paint.

I was so excited.

Until I set the candleholder next to the picture frames that I already had.

The gold on the candleholder didn’t seem gold enough and looked really flat.

And even though the candleholders might never be next to the picture frames, the gold color just didn’t work for me.

rub n buff, candleholder

My solution was to give the candleholder a quick coat of Rub N Buff.

picture frames, candleholders

The new gold color  had  the luster, warmth and shine that I had envisioned.

gall vignette

The gold candleholders pair well with my white pumpkin, fall leaves and berries.

I love this fall vignette.

My sofa table sits in a walkway, so I put potpourri in the glass cups instead of candles.

Less chance of a lit candle getting knocked off.

Plus, it smells heavenly!

fall vignette

I love this how well the gold looks in my blue and orange fall living room.

But I can’t help but wonder how they might look in a different color.

How about a bright hot pink?

Maybe a bold navy blue?

A deep emerald green might be nice!

fall vignette

No matter what color my bamboo candleholders eventually end up, right now they are perfect just the way they are!

Until next time…

Bamboo Candleholders

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  1. It looks very nice! The bamboo candleholders might need to be painted green next summer and be out by the pool somewhere. 🤔

    1. I do love Rub n Buff. It’s been around a long time. I can remember my mother using it when I was young – and that’s been a LONG time! lol

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