Bathroom Refresh Source Guide


Room Source Guide

Happy Tuesday! Officially I’m not giving you a report on how my guest bathroom refresh til Friday. However I felt like it might be helpful if I provided you with a bathroom refresh source guide!

Upward paint


My bathroom originally had white paint on the walls.

However, I felt like it was too stark and all of the pretty molding and woodwork kind of disappeared.

I pulled out my paint deck and decided on SW Upward.

It’s a gray with blue undertones.

floor tile

It looks really pretty with both the tile and my steel blue cabinets.

amazon shower curtain

Shower Curtain

A few of the next items I shared with you last week, however just in case you missed them I’m going list them again.

The shower curtain can be found here.

Just a side note. I ordered the white one, but it is more of an off white rather than a snow white in color.

silver shower curtain rod

Curtain Rod

I’m on the fence about this rod.

It came in pieces and had to be screwed together.

You can see ridges where it screws together.

We shall see if I keep it.

But you can find it here.

toilet handle

Toilet handle

Next, up – a toilet handle.

I love adding pretty handles to the toilet.

Nuff said.

Wall switch plate

Wall Switch Plates

Almost ALL of the outlets in my home they cut too large and you can see holes in the plaster once the plates are on.


So I’ve found that these decorative plates are just large enough to hid the holes.

Plus, they are pretty too!

Room Source Guide

That’s it for my guest bathroom source guide.

Be sure and come back on Friday when I will have my first week progress report!

Until then….



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