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 Happy Friday! I’m so happy to say that a few friends of mine and I are doing another One Room At A  Time. This time I will be doing a little guest bath glow up. Terrie at Decorate And More With Tip will be in her breakfast room and Niki at Life As A LEO Wife will be doing rooms as well, so be sure and follow them too.

Here’s a little back story on my guest bath.

This is what our guest bath looked like when we bought our home 4 years ago.

Not bad, but a little dated.

It did’nt take me long to remove the wallpaper, put in new tile, paint the cabinets and put in a faux board and batten wall.

Then about 2 years ago, we decided to update it a little more by adding a new countertop, mirror and faucet.

I used all of the towels, bathmats, and shower curtain from one of our last guest baths since they were fairly new.

Just like with everything, over time they have become tired and worn.

I knew it was time for a guest bathroom glow up!

So here’s what I’m thinking.

The floor, cabinets, countertops etc are all staying the same.

I’m keeping the blue, gray and white color palette.

amazon shower curtain

Shower Curtain

I will be replacing my current shower curtain with this one.

Big thanks to Corine from Curly Willow Acres for sharing this one!

I ordered one that’s super long because I will be taking this one as close to the ceiling as possible.

extra long shower liner

Shower Curtain Liner

Of course since my curtain was longer meant I needed a longer liner.

silver shower curtain rod

Shower Curtain Rod

I have an old white rod that has seen better days and thought a new sleek silver toned one that matches the rest of the room would look much better.

stain on bathroom wall

I will also be painting the room.

Slowly over time you can see where the wallpaper and the mirror glue that I removed  was.

So I will be Kilzing that again and giving it a new coat of paint!

Color to be decided!

guest bath shower curtain

Of course, I’m looking at art for the walls, new fancy hand towels etc.

All the things that we do when we start changing things.

I hope that you follow along with me as I work through my guest bathroom changes.

Be sure to head on over to the other girls to see how they plan to give their rooms a makeover!

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