Beep’s Bow Keeper Part 1

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My hand is feeling better, so I decided to try and make Beep’s bow keeper! Beep’s mom already has a ton of bows and headbands all lined up and waiting for Beep to arrive.

I’ve never been a girl mom, so imagine my shock when I realized that each outfit comes with a matching bow. And boy, do we have a lot of them! Thank goodness for Pinterest, where I found a ton of tutorials on how to make and organize bows and headbands.  Today, I’m going to share with you my version on how to make bow storage.

Here is what you are going to need:

1 – 12 X 16 canvas

Material of your choice



Glue gun and glue

Staple gun

I already had this old canvas, so I decided to use it instead of buying a new one.

Since you could see the crazy pink flamingo through the fabric, I cut out batting slightly larger than the canvas. You need enough batting to be able to cover the front and wrap it around to the back, where I stapled it to the canvas.

You don’t have to do this step if you have a new clean canvas. However, I will say that I kind of liked the look of the padding when it was finished.

Next, cut the fabric in the same way as the batting, wrapping it around to the back and staple to the canvas. Be sure and cut off any extra material so that the back is nice and neat.


Lay out four strips of ribbon vertically, equal distance apart, and staple to the back of the canvas.

Once you have done that, cut two lengths of ribbon about 3/4 yard each and staple them to the top two corners of your canvas at a slight angle, then tie a knot, above the center of the canvas, with both ribbon tails. This creates a way to hang your bow keeper.

I wanted to hide the ugly staples and protect the walls, so I hot glued ribbon all the way around the back of the canvas.

Its certainly not perfect, but it looks much nicer and will keep the staples from scratching whatever Beep’s mom decides to hang it on!

Now that the back is finished, flip the canvas over and tied a bow on top of the knot. Beep’s bow keeper is ready to hang. Hang, and use the bows barrette or clip to attach the bow to the ribbon.

From start to finish, the bow keeper took around thirty minutes to make and cost the price of the ribbon as I had all of the other materials.

So easy and so cute. It’s good thing too, Beep has so many bows, we may need to make two!

Beep’s bow keeper, part 1 is finished, now all I need to do is finish part 2 which is headband storage.

Have a wonderful day!


Tammy from Patina and Paint


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