Beep’s Bow Keeper Part 2

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I finished Beep’s bow keeper or rather Beep’s headband keeper. Seems the girls got a ton of headbands to go along with the mountain of bows.

Again, I searched Pinterest to determine the best way to store headbands. Boy, are there a ton of different ways to store them!

Honestly, there were quite a few that share how to make this style of a headband holder. I read all of them and took bits and pieces of info from each of them to make mine.

Here’s what you are going to need:

1 – 42 ounce empty Oatmeal box

1 – wooden candlestick ( I found mine at Hob Lob in the unfinished wood section)

Spray paint

Adhesive spray

Material of your choice

Hot Glue gun and glue

Trim and embellishments

I started by spray painting my oatmeal box and wooden candle stick.

Once the box and candle stick have dried, cut your material  to the length and width of your oatmeal box. I cut my material a little longer in length so that I could fold about 1/4″ under to form a nice and neat vertical seam in the back. When you finish this step, apply the material to your oatmeal box using the adhesive spray, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles as you go. I hot glued my vertical seam to insure that the material stayed in place.

Next, the fun part. Adding ribbon and embellishments to hide the materials raw ends and make it super girly pretty!

I wanted to hide the plastic lid on the top of my box, so I glued flowers to the top. Okay, I admit that this may  be totally over the top, but  I couldn’t resist!

My box is finished, so now it’s time to adhere the wooden candlestick to the bottom of my box. I simply flipped my box over and laid my candlestick in the middle of the bottom of the box. There is probably a scientific way to calculate the exact middle, however I just eye balled it. I lightly drew a circle around the candlestick to mark the placement.

To adhere the candlestick, I hot glued the raised rim of the candlestick and then placed it onto the box.

This is Beep’s bow keeper in all of it’s finished glory!

It may be cute, but does it hold the headbands well? Why, yes it does!

Beep’s bow keeper and headband holder were a blast to make and I think will make storing all of the bows and headbands fun for Beep’s mom.

I’m all about the organization, but it has to look good as well as have great function.

Have a great day!


Tammy from Patina and Paint