Before and After – Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtain collage


I finally did it!  Made my bedroom curtains. It’s not that it was hard,  I just needed some motivation to get myself moving and get them made.  My sisters are coming in for the holiday weekend. Woo Hoo! So it was the perfect kick in the patooty to get them done!


master bedroom curtains 3


Here is what I started with… my colors are gray, brown, black, off white, steel blue and acid green.  I know, kinda crazy right?  I was fairly content with it too until  about a year ago. My dog destroyed my bedspread.  Sigh.  Not gonna go there.  I was determined to find something that I could wash, but looked good too.  Kind of an impossible quest unless I bought a quilted bedspread.  I kept going back to my old standard fav – black and white, but  I really wanted a little more color!


master bedroom 1


And then I found the floral pillow you see in the middle of the bed. It had all of the colors that made this room work AND I could still use my black and white. ( Sorry the photos make it look a lot little dingy, which it really isn’t… remember I have the darkest house in America?) So I lived with this combo for about a year.  And it was OK.  Until I was on a mission at my favorite fabric store and saw the fabric from my inspiration pillow AND it’s companion!  An acid green and off white trellis pattern.  I swear I heard angels sing!  When I saw the price tag the Heavenly choir joined in!  It was a match made in heaven!!!!!  Ten yards, SOLD!


Bedroom Curtains


Here they are… my new beauties!  They lighten and brighten the whole room.  The old brown curtains were good, but these babies are fabulous.  I was a little worried that it was too much green.  It ain’t easy  bein’ green, ya know!  In fact, green is so NOT my color. AT. ALL. But, I like it in here.


bedroom curtains 2


Here is another angle.   You may notice about ten inches from the top that I have added some green gimp.  If I were smart I would never point this out.  Well, I’m not all that smart!  The reason it is there is because when I cut out the panel,  I mis- measured and cut it too short!  ALWAYS measure twice, cut once!  Sigh. This was my solution – adding the extra fabric and then covering the seam with gimp to hide it.  I kinda like the detail.  Who knew?  Let’s just call it a happy accident and move on!

Anyway, I still have a few more things to up-date in my master.  We have had this bedroom suit forever and if I came across one that could be painted…well I might have to trade my old one in. Shush…. don’t tell the hubs!

Until next time…..





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