Ten Dollar Cookie Jar

cookie jar collage


It all started with a beautiful turquoise door knob.  I have had if for a few years.  At first I was going to make it a “hook” with a pretty board behind it.  That never happened.  Then I was going to use it on the many painted furniture pieces I paint.  That never happened either.  Then today I was at the grocery store taking a short cut through the kitchen isle to the dairy isle and I saw this jar.  And it screamed cookie jar.  But not just any cookie jar, a really pretty jar with bling!  AND to make it even better it was going to be a ten dollar cookie jar!


cookie jar 8


Here is what you will need to make your own fabulous ten dollar cookie jar:

a jar
a door knob or drawer knob
mini chalk board sign
Washi tape
a drill
cookie jar 7

First thing… you are going to need to drill a hole in the center of your lid to attach your door knob.  If you don’t have a drill you can use a large nail about the size of the door knob threaded post.  Just hammer it completely through the lid to make a hole.  Measure for the center, X marks the spot, and drill!


cookie jar 6


Here is what it will look like once you have your hole. Pretty easy right?


cookie jar 5


slide the door knob post through the hole and attach with a nut.  Super easy!


cookie jar 9


So pretty…. I love the color!  At this point you can put on the Washi tape.  I just applied it around the edge of the jar lid, but you can be as creative as you wish.  What I love about the Washi Tape?  I can change it when I get bored with it  seasonally! AND it leaves no sticky residue.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!


cookie jar 4


Now to give my pretty jar some more jewelry! A mini chalk board necklace.  I bought mine at Michael’s in a package of four or six awhile back. Using some twine, I threaded it through the holes in the chalk board.


cookie jar 3


Quick tip: to make the threading easier, I taped the end of the twine – kind of like a shoe lace.  Makes threading it into the hole MUCH easier.  Any tape will do!


cookie jar 2


Like threading bud-dah!


cookie jar 1


Just add cookies and write on your mini chalk board and you are done!  Less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  Not only does it look really pretty, but it cost me less than ten dollars.  Ya gotta love that!

While I used a new jar, I think this would be fabulous with an old jar or tin also.  The possibilities are endless. So get your creative thinking cap on and have fun creating your own  one of a kind  ten dollar cookie jar!


Until next time…..




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