Birthday Party Fun

With the Rona still hanging around it’s hard to get together with friends and family. It’s especially hard when the birthdays are milestones and you can’ get together. Normally, all of the Queens would be gathering together to celebrate my BFF Roxanne hitting a big milestone. And even though we aren’t celebrating her birthday like we have in the past, I  can still  pretend to have a little Birthday party fun.

Apple salad

IF we were getting together, the party would be low key and all The Queens would be invited.

We would show up in our finest attire bearing birthday presents.

We would eat a delicious Apple salad with apple poppy seed vinaigrette.

( trust me when I say that this salad is so yummy!)

Papa Murphy's chicken artichoke pizza

Followed by a chicken artichoke pizza!

turquoise places setting

I’d make sure that the table was set for a queen and  her ladies!

A turquoise placemat, a pink champagne charger, and white dishes.

A beautiful turquoise napkin would be put into a giant diamond napkin ring.

Of course no Queen would eat lunch without her crown.

Diamonds  twisted into a curly Q shape could hold a place card that would let each Queen know where she would be seated for the day.

crown, napkin, jewels

The birthday Queen would have a very special crown of her own!

One filled with jewels  that only a Queen would love and wear.

flowers, turquoise glass

The Queen would sit at the head of the table and naturally her place setting would match that of the rest of the Queens.


flowers, glass vase

Beautiful flowers would grace the table to commemorate such a wonderful occasion!

roxanne sign

I did make our Queen Roxanne a wonderful  chalkboard poster to mark the occasion.

One that announced just how very special our Queen truly is!

birthday party fun

And last, but not least, we would break out a beautiful cake complete with a crown and birthday candle sparklers!

We would laugh, tell stories, be silly and celebrate just being together.

That’s how Queen’s celebrate their birthdays.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait until we can all celebrate and have a little birthday party fun once again.

So, Happy Birthday Queen Roxanne!

We may not all be together physically, but know that we are with you in spirit.

Until next time…..

birthday party fun



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*The turquoise napkin, glasses, napkin ring and diamond placecard holder were all purchased at  Hobby Lobby over the years at their 75% off sale.



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