How It’s Made

Two tiered Valentine's tray

How it’s Made

Yesterday I partnered up with Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip to share how to style a Two Tiered Tray. We both shared  our videos on Facebook. Every Wednesday we share either a craft or how to decorate something in your home. And Every Wednesday we get asked the all important question “Can you tell me how it’s made?”. So this week, as well as sharing the video we thought that it would be fun to share how we made several things that we put on our trays. If you would like to see my video, please go here. Don’t forget to visit Terrie here.

valentine mug

Valentine’s Day Mug

I love the look of the Rae Dunn mugs.

However, I don’t like the idea of storing a ton of mugs for each holiday.

So I make my own holiday mugs by taking plain white mugs and adding vinyl lettering to them.

lap top

I have a Silhouette machine that makes it super easy for me to make a design.

Valentines mug

Once I’ve decided on a design, it’s simply a matter of cutting it out and adding it to the mug.

Don’t have a Cricut or a Silhouette machine?

No worries!

Your local craft store has a ton of peel and stick lettering that you can use!

how it's made

Mini Rolling Pin

In my video I had taken one of these sweet little rolling pins, cut out vinyl  lettering and attached it to the pin.

Well, since you may not have a cutting machine I want to show you just how easy it is to use peal and stick lettering.

rolling pin, letters, bakers twine

Simply choose the letters of the word you want to use, the stick them on.

Once I have my lettering on, I like to add a bit of bakers twine tied in a bow for a little extra embellishment.

Seriously, it couldn’t get any easier and it takes very little time!

wooden heart, bird

Mulit-media Sign

A few years ago I made the multi- media heart signs.

If you missed it you can see it here.

I made all sizes, shapes, and colors with a ton of different embellishments.

They are so easy to make and I have used them just about everywhere here at the Castle!


Heart pick

Conversation Heart Mug

The last craft is the centerpiece on the top tier.

It’s a cute mug with a conversation heart.

I found the heart at Hob Lob and it’s originally intended to be used as a floral pick.

However, it was much too long for my mug.

I simply cut it to my desired length using a small hack saw.

mug, styrofoam

Placed a piece of styrofoam into the mug.

valentine mug

Next, add the heart pick to the styrofoam and cover it with crinkly white paper.

The centerpiece is done!Two tiered Valentine's tray

I hope this answered your question “can you tell me how it’s made?”

If you’d like to see just how this two tiered tray was put together, don’t forget to head on over to my Facebook site ( link above).

Also, be sure and visit Terrie @ Decorate and More With Tip to see the cutest tray ever!

P.S. she actually MADE her tray.

You don’t want to miss this!

Until next time…

How it's made

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  1. Thank you so much for the idea. I just bought a two tiered tray back at the end of October. I decorated it for fall, then Christmas, and now it’s decorated for January. I was thinking I need to start looking for February ideas…….and here it is! Thanks!

    1. Don’t you just love your tray? I like that you can decorate for the season without having to go over the top everywhere. Send pics when yours is done. I’d love to see it!

  2. I need to do more with my Cricut. Love the idea of making letter for my white dishes. Such a great idea. I also love how you decorated your tray. So pretty. Never thought about putting a banner on my tray, see you are always so inspiring. Thanks Tammy!

    1. Thank you Terrie. I love my circuit. So much so that I’m on my second one. And that little banner was suppose to only be there for one holiday, but I like it so much I’ve kept it.

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