Black and Gold Tray

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Black and gold tray 7


The Hubs and I  have been busy little elves here at the castle.  We love to make gifts when we can. We have ten of the sweetest nieces and nephews that we buy Christmas gifts for and we love to be creative!

Black and gold tray 8

This is the year of legos! Legos Super Heros, Legos Friends…. lots of legos for both boys and girls. I saw a legos tray on Pinterest and thought it would be an awesome gift for the Hubs and I to  make to go with all of the legos.  Their Mom’s and Dad’s just might like the legos tray too, as it helps contain the small pieces while building.  Love that the trays are just the right height that they can be slid under a bed or a sofa for storage too. Somehow in all of the building we realized that we had one too many. I quickly snagged the extra up and made my very own Black and gold tray!

black and gold tray 6

I started with raw wood and my all time favorite spray paint.  Rustoleum’s Metallic gold.  It is my favorite gold ever.  It covers super awesome, no drips or runs and it is a true gold.  What’s not to love here? This is one coat in the picture. If I had primed the wood I would have been done. Since I didn’t prime, I gave it one good coat. Let it dry. Then gave it a light second coat.

Frog tapeI wanted to give it some pattern.  Frog tape to the rescue.  I am not being paid to endorse this product  – just so you know!  I have used this before with good results so I thought I would try it out again.

black and gold tray 5If I were a good little painter I would have measured and marked where my tape should go. But I just eye balled it. I figure if people are going to look at the tray that closely they have issues. Their bad!  After placing the tape and rubbing down the tape edges to make sure that there would be no bleeding, I gave it a good coat of black Rustoleum gloss  spray paint.

black and gold tray 4

Pretty and shiny, no?

black and gold tray 2

Paint tip: Pull tape off before the paint completely dries.  I let this sit until it was just barely tacky and then with the help of my craft knife, I gently pulled the tape off.  Waiting for the paint to completely dry usually leads to pulling paint off  of your painted piece when the tape is removed.

black and gold tray 1

Unfortunately, I had a few bleeds. Argh!  So I waited until the piece was completely dry, taped off my black areas again and re-sprayed the gold stripes with a very light coat.

black and gold tray

Once the tray completely dried again, I installed simple gold handles on each side. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!  I can’t wait to use it after the new year.  Merry Christmas to me!

Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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