Growing Paperwhites

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I have a confession. I am a serial indoor plant killer.   Outside – I am good to go. Mother Nature has my back.  Inside?  It is  adios to the plant, poor thing.  I have tried, but according to my seester and bestie, who apparently are indoor plant aficionados, I either water too  much or not enough. Or I get spiders or gnats.  Are you with me? It is not pretty, let me tell you.

Paperwhites 7

I was shopping for a gift to take to Pokeeno and found this.  It has everything that you need to grow paperweights. Cute container, bulbs, dirt and instructions.  How far could I go wrong? So I took it home and promptly decided to heck with this as a Pokeeno gift!  I will be growing paperwhites!

paperwhites 5

The cute container has a waterproof liner. Yay!

paperwhites 4

First step: Add soil. So far so good!

paperwhites 3

Next – just bury the paperwhite bulbs, leaving the tops out of the soil.  This was a no brainer – figuring out the tops from the bottom -as my paperwhites were already growing. Growing in really weird directions…..

paperwhites 2

Step 3:  The instructions say water, but don’t over water.  Yikes!  I am just gonna wing it and pray for the plants.  You might want to help me out and pray too! lol!


Here are my sweet paperwhites.  Not quite so pretty yet but I have high hopes.

Can’t wait to share them with you when they get tall and pretty! Who knows, if this goes well I may branch out and try an Amaryllis or maybe a Venus fly trap!

Until next time…..


Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Donna,
      I think I may need more than a venus fly trap to help me out with the crazy gnats…but I may just get that desperate!

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