Black and White Chair – Again!

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Black and White chair – Again!black and white chair 4

A few years ago I reupholstered one of my very first chairs. And I loved it!

Black and white chairThe black and white chair was all business in the front…

Black and white chair backWith a party in the back!

The black and white chair worked out great until I left town for a week and the cat decided to sleep, shed and drool on it while I was gone!  Apparently cat drool can eat right through  three coats of scotch guard.

Not only were there some stains on the seat, but the seat cushion was lop sided.  What in the world the cat did to the chair is still a mystery. I’m going with the theory that the foam was apparently worn out after a many years of use, rather than the cat had a party on it while we were gone.

Time for a black and white chair makeover – again!

Black and white chair

I decided to bring the party around to the front. There were a couple of reasons for this decision. One – I had used a drop cloth to recover the front part of the chair and unfortunately I couldn’t find another drop cloth to match.

Two – I’m hoping that the cat never gets back on the chair, however in the event I leave the cat at home unsupervised again I’m hoping that this material will be a little more durable!

black and white chair 3

I think I love the black and white chair more now, than I did the first time around!

black and white chair 1

I like it so much that there is a little tiny voice in my head that says maybe the cat did me a huge favor and not only should I apologize but I should thank her also…

Nope. Not feelin’ it. Not today anyway. Maybe next week.

Until next time…


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