Still Working On The Patio

I’m STILL working on the patio! Why am I still working on the patio? I blame it on the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that it’s raining. Most of the time. The forecast here is for one more day of sun followed by another whole week of rain!!! It just hasn’t stopped raining long enough for me to get my patio, let alone the rest of the yard, put together.

yard 5

This is what my patio looked like in years past. As you can see the iron part of the patio furniture is in excellent shape, but the cushions? Not so much!  I bought this set from the Better Homes and Garden line. I really, really love it. However, when I went to purchase replacement cushions for this set I was shocked to find that they didn’t sell any.  Say What?

My choices were to have custom cushions made – so not in my budget- OR buy some that didn’t fit perfectly.

still working on the patio 15

I went with the ones that didn’t fit perfectly, but for the most  part, fit pretty well.  These cushions are a little taller, longer and don’t have rounded backs like the old ones.  They also didn’t have love seat cushions. So we improvised and went with two sets of individual cushions. It actually works pretty well!

Instead of going with red again, I went with a bright light blue.  By using this color I can still use the lime green, black and bright turquoise blue that I have used in the past. Woo Hoo!

still working on the patio 13

I really love the lime green and black with it! OH- the rug isn’t normally that dark. It’s still wet from all the rain we had last night…

still working on the patio 12

I’m still debating the red though… of course I finally got the clock and a few other things painted red last year. I don’t know why I couldn’t have procrastinated a little longer! They may be painted black soon. That way if I ever have to replace the cushions again and go with a different color scheme  I won’t be a spray painting crazed woman like I am about to be!

still working on the patio 11

See the table/planter? RED!  Kind of clashes with all of the other cooler colors….. I still have my patio heater out. We’ve had a few cool nights that we have been happy to use the heaters. Before long we will be bringing out the patio  air conditioner. That’s just the way we roll in Texas!

Still Working on the Patio 16

Like I said, I’m still working on the patio, but I’m getting close to being done and moving on to the rest of the backyard. I need to repaint everything that is red. I still have a few more flower pots to plant, the mason jar solar lights need to be fixed or replaced and windows need to be washed. Not too long of a list. If only it will stop raining….

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  1. Love it! The colors are fun and the whole space is inviting. We are still working on ours too. The pond is slowing down progress on the fun parts but that’s ok. 🙂

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