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Black, White and Red Christmas Kitchen

The elves have been busy decorating here at the castle. Of course, they always start in the heart of the home, the kitchen. This years theme is simple, less fuss and not as over the top as in years past. It’s a black, white and red Christmas kitchen!

christmas place setting

I don’t buy all new stuff from year to year, instead I like to mix and match a few new things with old things from years past. Don’t get me wrong. It’s tempting, however every time I consider it I hear my sweet Granny’s sarcastic voice saying “Well, aren’t we Miss Aster!” For those of you that are younger than dirt, that was her way of saying that we aren’t made of money. And even if we were, money doesn’t grow on trees! Thrifty was her middle name.

Christmas Buffet

I like to start with my hutch.

Don’t you love all of the fun Christmas dishes and decor items that are available today?

black, white and red Christmas kitchen

My table is always next, although I have to admit that it doesn’t stay all dressed up like this ever day.

Instead, I lay it out like I want it to be for Christmas morning, then remove everything but the placemats and centerpiece for everyday use.

christmas chalkboard

My favorite piece that I change out seasonally is my chalkboard.

Lately, I’ve had snow envy.

Here, in North Texas, we rarely have snow.

So, this year it’s a Winter Wonderland themed board.

black, white and red Christmas kitchen

The rest of the kitchen is sprinkled with fun things to inspire Christmas cheer and baking.

Behind the kitchen sink is a set of reindeer and a poinsettia!

It almost makes doing the dishes fun. Almost!


The elves, Hershel, Harvey and Henry, have hung out in the kitchen the last two or three Christmases.

They are so fun and you just never know what shenanigans  they will get up to!

christmas towels

Okay, these aren’t strictly black, white and red but who doesn’t love a cute Christmas towel?

I confess, I have several sprinkled here and there all over the kitchen.

Christmas sign

Naughty or nice?

So many choices!!!!

This santa is definitely an “old” decoration piece.

Our oldest son chose this as his first Christmas decoration.

In other words, he picked it up in the store and refused to put it down.

Grandma to the rescue!

My black, white and red Christmas kitchen is officially open and ready for the marathon baking to begin!

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  1. That’s so adorable, Tammy. I’m like you, typically I start with my hutch displays and sunroom, but this year it seemed to take so much time putting away all the fall stuff that I lost steam at that point. I went straight to tablescaping, stopped, then went to my tree. In other words, I am all over the place and nothing is complete. But I have a subconscious plan to my madness. My tree takes so much time that I wanted to finish it first so the rest of the decorating (which is more fun to me) would be more of a pleasure, knowing the tree task was complete! Have a fun week creating and decorating. You always have such fun ideas, I love visiting (no pressure, lol).

    1. Thanks Rita. The tree always takes the longest for sure!!! I like the idea of doing it first and then getting on with the fun stuff. Kind of like eating your peas before dessert….. I can’t wait to see your Christmas decor too. Your tables capes are my favorite!

    1. Jan I purchased them at WalMart a few years ago. They are Better Home and Gardens! I haven’t check this year, but last year they still had them. Good quality for the price!

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