I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I’ll have a blue Christmas with a big splash of hot pink, please!  My dining room colors are blue and hot pink, which just happen to be my favorite colors. So naturally, when it came time to decorate the dining room I couldn’t help but think that they would also be perfect Christmas colors.

I'll Have a blue Christmas

And boy, did I find some hot pink! It’s so hot that it was truly hard to get pictures that didn’t hurt my eyes. But, I love it!

I'll have a blue Christmas

After I cleared off my table and gave it a good cleaning, I started with my favorite thing on the entire table.

My new faux fur white table runner!

Honestly, it is the softest thing you have ever felt. For reals!

On top of that, it is super pretty.

If those two things weren’t enough to make me buy it, the price sure was.

It is 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

Which makes it a decorating trifecta!

How could you possibly resist?


I was serious when I said that I’ll have a blue Christmas with a splash of hot pink.

This is my second year with the pink and blue theme, so most of the decorations are repeats, with a few new items mixed in.

The ornaments were from last year and were a steal at the Hobby Lobby outlet, aka the Basket store in Oklahoma City, OK.

It’s always a hit or miss store, but well worth a quick run through if you are ever in the area.

The deer is also from last year, however the gold bottle brush tree is a new purchase.

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

Hot pink tapers, oh my!

And boy, are they hot pink.

When I ordered them, I thought that they would be a bright new addition this year, but I had no idea they would be almost a neon pink.

However, they did match my hot pink napkins perfectly.

The place card holders were from last year, all they needed were new place cards!

I almost always use white dishes, followed by colorful salad plates.

This time was no exception.

This years salad plates are a mix of solid white plates and a blue and white ones.

I do love my white dishes!

I'll Have a blue Christmas

The light blue glasses were end of season purchase from Hobby Lobby’s spring line.

I debated forever wether or not to buy them, I  am so glad that I did.

Honestly, I use them all the time.

I love these colors so much that I think that I’ll have a blue Christmas with  a lot of hot pink for many years to come!

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    1. Cindy you are so sweet! I saw your tree this morning on IG and I’m in love. I think my favorite part about blogging is finding new friends and great inspiration.

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