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Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table 11I can’t believe it. I finally found a way to do it – use my blue dining room colors in my Thanksgiving decor. I have a blue and brown Thanksgiving table!Blue and brown Thanksgiving table 8

I know! It’s not your traditional Thanksgiving table decor. It’s not even your popular decor. But it works in my dining room. Which is HUGE for me. I always loved my Thanksgiving table, but I hated that it looked like I just plopped fall colors in the middle of all of my blue.

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table 10



I’m not sure when it hit me that I could just incorporate the browns, golds and a touch of orange with my blues and it would work. I’ve been trying for years to figure this out. Lightbulb moment people!!! And my Momma didn’t even drop me on my head when I was little, so I have no idea what took me so long.

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table

Other than the leaves on the table, I added a few tiny pumpkins  around the room. See a tiny bit of fall color…

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table 1I wanted to add a “mink” coat to this crazy lady but I restrained myself!  It was really, really hard not to.

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table 4

I did get in a little bling with these gold leaves… you can’t see it, but it has killer awesome sparkles on them!

AND I got to use my grandmothers china!

Blue and Brown Thanksgiving table 2

While I’ve had some really pretty tables in the past, I have to admit that I love the natural look with a little bling that this table has.

My grandma’s china, my blue decor and glassware, a little fall color and some gold bling – I do believe I am ready for Thanksgiving!. It’s on like donkey kong!

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