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Ticket Shadow Box

Ticket shadow box 8I don’t know about you, but I have always made scrapbooks and hung onto memorabilia.  I love looking back at pictures and reminders of all of the good times. At the same time, I have to have organization for all of that stuff. I won a shadow box at PoKeeno  and thought that it would make a perfect ticket shadow box!  You know for all of your movie tickets, programs, and playbills.

ticket shadow box

This is the shadow box that I won. The idea was that I would hang it in the game room right outside of the media room doors.  Kinda like giving your tickets to the usher before entering the movies.

tickets 1

I loved the burlap, but the teal color didn’t match the game room. A coat of black paint was a quick fix. Even though this shadow box lid was on hinges and swung open, I decided a slit cut in the top side of the box would be killer awesome so that the tickets could easily fall in.

Next I created a “ticket” sign on PicMonkey. I love PicMonkey…if you haven’t been there, go! Go now! You won’t regret it. I promise.

ticket shadow box 1

Once all of the decorating was done, my ticket shadow box was ready to hang.

I hate when there are two or more hangers on the back of art. I mean I really, really hate it! I finally found an easy way to get art hung when it has two hangers. Cut a piece of blue tape the distance between the two holes on the back.

ticket shadow box 10

After figuring out how high you want to hang your art, I use a level to help me place the tape on the wall.

ticket shadow box 2

Yikes! Sorry this pic is blurry…to show you how I used the level, I marked the wall with white pencil before applying the tape. At the ends of the tape, put in your nails.

ticket shadow box 4Then just hang your art. So. Darn. Easy!

ticket shadow box 6I like being able to see the tickets from all of the movies we have seen… it brings back great memories.

ticket shadow box 4Here’s one last look at my ticket shadow box.  I even put in the 3D glasses from Jurassic Park!

This truly was an easy project. I love that it not only qualifies as art and helps keep me organized, but also that it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling overtime I look at all the fun times and places we have been!

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  1. You are helping to entertain me! I broke my hip a week ago and are in rehab.Doing fine and improving everyday…still a long haul. Charlene

    1. Charlene, I hope that your hip is much improved!! I’ve been thinking about you. Glad I can help on the entertainment side of things!

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