Blue And White Plate Wreath

blue and white plate wreath

Good Friday morning! Have you seen wreaths made with plates? I’ve seen a few over the last year or so and honestly never even thought about making one until I recently redecorated my breakfast room hutch. So I decided to make a blue and white plate wreath.

I removed several plates from my wall above the hutch and thought what a shame it was that I was putting them away and not using them.’

Then I remembered seeing plate wreaths and thought why not?


Wreath – I used a 18 inch one from Hobby Lobby

Greenery of your choice



Plate hangers


wire cutters

Floral wire

Step 1

Lay out the plates on the wreath to decide on plate placement.

Once you are happy with the design, I found it helpful to take them off the wreath and lay them out close by in that exact arrangement.

Adding a plate hanger to a plate

Step 2

Add plate hangers to the back of your plates.

I chose to use this style of plate hanger because they could easily have wire added to them.

adding wire to a plate hanger

Step 3

Add wire to the back of the plate hanger.

Depending upon my placement of that particular plate I either added the wire in the middle of the hanger as seen here, or toward the top of the hanger.

adding a plate to a wreath

Step 4

Lay your plate out on the wreath pushing the wire to the back side.

Gently flip the plate and the wreath over.

attaching a plate to a wreath with wire

Tightly twist the wire around the wreath, securing the plate.

Then, push the ends of the wire into the middle of the wreath.

Pushing the wire into the wreath keeps it from scratching the walls when hung.

TIP: About half way through this process I got nervous that I would break plates when flipping them to the back. I put down a large beach towel to help with the impact.

attaching plates to a wreath

Continue adding the plates in this manner until you have covered your wreath.

I overlapped the plates here and there for a little depth and interest.

You could also add cups, butter pats, and saucers to your wreath and plates.

If adding to plates, just use Command strips to the plates to adhere them.

adding greenery to a wreath

Step 5

Add greenery to the wreath.

I places pieces of greenery directly into the wreath, behind the plate, both on the outside and inside edges, without even gluing it.

This will allow me to change it up seasonally.

I’ll also be able to pop the plates out of the plate hanger and add in seasonal plates if I wish too!

Blue and white plate wreath in breakfast room

Step 6

The last step is to add a bow before hanging it.

I chose to hang mine in my dining room right on top of my chalk board.

I LOVE it!

Blue and White plate wreath

I’m also looking forward to adding different plates, ribbon and greenery as the season changes.

Right about now I’m wondering why I haven’t made a blue and white plate wreath sooner!

I hope that this inspires you to break out a project that you’ve been thinking about.

Until next time….



blue and white plate wreath

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  1. Love it!! Been wanting to do this for long time.I collect Blue Onion China and have other blue and white pieces!!

    1. Barbara I hope you have as much fun as I did making this wreath! Send pictures if you make one, I’d love to see yours!

    1. Thanks Terrie! I’m really enjoying it. Can’t wait to put some holiday plates on it and change it up with the seasons!

  2. I love this wreath and the frame is perfect! I’m redecorating my kitchen in blue and white and I have a few plates collected but I would like to know where you purchased yours? Can’t wait to get started❣️

    1. Hi Susan! I’ve collected my plates over the years, however I think that I have purchased the most at Home Goods. A few are from Amazon. I hit up thrift stores from time to time too! I can’t wait to see your collection! Thanks for stopping by!

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