Blue Cigar Boxes

I’m STILL working on my guest room. I haven’t found the accessories that I want. So I made some blue cigar boxes. My biggest dilemma has been that I haven’t found accessories that I love. Or if I do find some I love they are way out of my price range.  I hate buying something that I don’t love just to fill up a space.

Blue Cigar Boxes 13

I bought a huge box of cigar boxes a few years ago.  I only needed a few boxes, but hey they were really cheap.  For a mere $20 I had about 20 or so cigar boxes. I’ve created a lot of things out of the boxes. A remote control holder, jewelry boxes and a box to hold my dryer sheets, just to name a few.

I was on Pinterest recently looking for accessories that weren’t the same old same old. I started seeing the trend of stacked boxes and knew that I could make a few of those.

Blue cigar boxes 6

I found a couple of boxes in my stash and started removing the paper from the outer box.

Blue Cigar Boxes 4

I scraped and scraped until my ADD kicked in big time. It was time to bring out the big guns. Goo gone to the rescue!  I swear this stuff will remove anything that’s sticky.  Just spray it on, then wait awhile for it to do it’s magic.

After I had removed and cleaned off the sticky paper, I gave each box a few coats of navy spray paint and a layer of super shiny top coat.

Blue Cigar boxes 1

The blue cigar boxes looked really great, but I wanted to add some gold embellishments to them.

I had purchased this floral piece a few years back. It’s made of a rubber material that is perfect for you to paint and glue onto wood surfaces. It was the perfect piece!

I painted it gold and then glued it to the upper lid. To keep it in place I used a highly sophisticated procedure – rubber bands.  Who needs fancy clamps? Not this girl!

Blue Cigar Boxes 2

The guest room needed more of the navy color add to it, and these boxes certainly do that.

Blue Cigar Boxes 8

The boxes are great for small storage too.

Blue Cigar Boxes 10

It doesn’t hurt that they are pretty easy on the eyes either.

Best of all, I had all of the supplies to make them, so they are a no cost solution until I find the perfect accessories.  Ones that I really love!






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