Put Some Lipstick On It!

Put some lipstick on it!

Put some lipstick on it 10

The other day I got a wild hair to deep clean my bathroom. I know, shocking!  Seriously, as I was scrubbing away, I noticed that there were a few things that needed a little facelift, or as my Granny used to say: “Girl, put some lipstick on it!” Which was her way of saying that something needed a little refresh.

Put some lipstick on it 9

Apparently, I have had blinders on and have ignored a few things.  There was nothing wrong with the clock other than the color. It was  a orange tan color, which was fine when the bathroom had an old world look, but not so much now. The top of the vanity stool’s paint had worn off and I had started to paint the the tissue cover, but had never put the top coat on it.

Put some lipstick on it 8

The tissue cover was an easy fix. A couple of coats of spray lacquer and it was done.

As you can see, there was white showing through the gold paint in several places on my vanity stool.  Not so pretty! So I gave it a couple of light coats of my favorite Rust-OLeum gold metallic spray paint.

Put some lipstick on it 7

Here is a quick tip: The legs of the chair were in perfect condition. If I were going to repaint the entire chair I would have unscrewed the seat from the frame before painting. This time I put a trash bag over the seat and tightened the handles. It’s a super easy and fast way to protect the seat from overspray.
Put some lipstick on it 6

The Rust-Oleum gold is truly my favorite metallic paint. Goes on smooth and easy every time. No one paid me to say that, I just really like using it.

Put Some Lipstick on it 4

The clock needed to be lighter and brighter. I simply painted on white acrylic paint and immediately wiped it off the high points with a damp rag, leaving white paint in the valleys and crevices.

Put some lipstick on it 3

The clock looks so much better now!  The white paint on the clock is the same white as the vanity and the woodwork. The white color being the same ties everything together.

Put some lipstick on it 2

Here are my beauties all finished and looking so much better!

Put some lipstick on it 1

Looking around I can’t believe how much better everything looks! I think it took me a total of 30 minutes to paint all of these pieces, not including dry time.  So little effort for such a big impact.

It certainly reinforced something I have known for a long time. Giiirrrrl, put some lipstick on it… it makes everything look better!


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  1. Tammy- I loved what you said about ‘having blinders on’. Then of course one day I walk by something and wonder why I hadn’t noticed.
    I love your trash bag trick and I seriously am coveting that Greek key tray!
    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home!

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