Bubble Wands For Easter

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I’m giving Bubble Wands for Easter to all my littles! I was recently at a link Party surfing around and found the cutest enchanted bubble wands. I had to make some. Not gonna lie, if you want a tutorial that is creative and fun keep reading. However, if you want an EXACT and informative one Rena Klingenberg at Jewelry Making Journal.com has a fantastic tutorial.   I am gonna warn you right up front, this post is a little long and has a ton of pictures. So get a drink, settle in and enjoy!

Supply List

bubble wands

16 or 18 gauge wire – 9″ long for a large wand or 6″ long for a small one (copper or brass)

24 gauge wire for stringing beads


wire cutter

file for smoothing wire ends

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Ring mandrel – don’t panic if you don’t have one of these – I didn’t either! I just used a piece of PVC

Fine Sharpie

Bubble wand 2

Danger Will Robinson! Read this entire post before attempting to make a wand. Trust me. you’ll thank me later! Your welcome.

I wanted a large wand so I cut my wire 9″ long.  The tutorial called for a file, but I was too lazy to hunt one up so I just used sandpaper to smooth out my wire ends. No sharp ends for my littles!

bubble wands 1

Next, using my fine sharpie, I marked the wire 2″ from one end.

Bubble Wands 3

Sorry this is a little blurry! It’s time to make the bubble blowing loop. This can be any shape, but I felt like since I was a bubble wand novice the circle would probably be the easiest.

Leaving the 2″ end of wire straight, wrap the wire around the PVC to form a circle. Now don’t panic like I did if the circle isn’t super tight. Mine wasn’t. It still turned out cute!

Bubble wand 4

Using your flat nosed pliers make a bend in the stem below the circle you just made. You want to center the main wire stem directly under the circle. Like a lollipop.

bubble wand 5

Using your flat nose pliers firmly grip the circle and wrap the straight 2″ wire ( two or three times) around the main stem of your bubble wand right below the circle. You can use pliers, but I found it was just as easy to use my fingers.

Cut of any excess wire. Use your chain nose pliers to squeeze down the cut wire end so that it doesn’t stick out and catch or scratch something.


bubble wand 6Time to make the handle. This step is super easy. It’s also where I messed up! Find the half way point of your bubble wand stem and mark with a sharpie. Place the mid point wire against the handle of your sharpie marker and wrap the end of your wand stem around the marker making a round or tear drop shape.

So far so good right? WRONG! You are suppose to have enough leftover wire  after wrapping the end around the sharpie to get creative and make a fun design. Where did I go wrong? I should have made the adjustment for using the PVC instead of the mandrel at a ring size of 15. Yeah… math was never my strong suit. Back to the drawing board.

bubble wand 8

This time I cut my wire 12″ long. Now repeat all of the steps up to and including wrapping your wire around the sharpie. NOW, you should have plenty of leftover wire to get creative!

bubble wand 9

See the difference? Now if you want a no fuss teeny, tiny end do the 9″. If you want to go all out and make yourself a really enchanted bubble wand you want the 12″. Up to you.

bubble wand 10

Now is when you use your 24 gauge wire and the beads to embellish your bubble wands. I left some plain and really blinged out some of the others. I made some wands big and some little. What I realized that you don’t have to be exact with any of this. Thank goodness or I would have had a mess. It’s so hard for me to color in the lines people!!!

bubble wands 14

I bought some bubbles and tied the wands onto the bottles with coordinating ribbon.

Bubble wand 11


Then I packaged them up in these cute bags, added some eggs, chocolate and a few other toys.

bubble wand 12

I tied it all up with some tulle and my bubble wands for Easter were ready to be delivered to all of my littles!

I think my bubble wands turned out pretty cute. Maybe not as cute as Rena’s, but I’m happy with them and hope that my littles are too! If you decide to make any, I would love to  know how yours turned out!

Until next time…


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