Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I’m getting ready to sit down to our families traditional breakfast/brunch- Papa Joe’s Honey Bunnies. When my sons were little we used to go to 8:00 church and then head on out to my in- laws for honey bunnies that Papa Joe made. LOVE THEM! After eating Papa Joe’s HB’s, we would head out to my mom and dad’s for Easter lunch and an egg hunt. Good times!

Many years have passed, the boys have grown up and we moved away from Papa Joe.  Distance made it hard for Papa to make the HB’s, so I started making them to keep that tradition alive. I am so glad that I did. My sons still love them and they are a  reminder to us of our wonderful past Easter memories with ones that we love.

My wish for you this Easter is that you get to spend this wonderful day with loved ones, creating lovely memories for years to come!


On a side note. I’m taking a few days off. My crazy Pokeeno ladies and I are off to Roundtop, TX to shop and have a little fun! I promise to share all of the crazy when I get home.

Happy Easter!

Until next time….



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