Buffalo Check Pumpkins

Hello! Can you believe that we are days away from September? I know not all of you are football fans, but I can’t wait for football season to start. When it’s football season it’s time to decorate for fall. At least it is here at the Castle! Going through my fall stuff I realized that my pumpkins had lost a little of their orange luster and needed an update. I decided to paint some buffalo check pumpkins!

Martha Stewart paint

I’ll be honest, I found this idea on one of my binge sessions on Pinterest.

Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles blog shared the cutest hot pink buffalo check pumpkins ever! She calls hers gingham check. So cute!

Step 1: Paint the pumpkins white!

white pumpkin

To get great coverage, I did 3 light even coats of Martha Stewarts Multi-surface paint.

Martha Stewart paint

I loved Jennifers hot pink pumpkins, but decided that I wanted to go with blue ones.

I love how navy looks with orange!

Since you need two different colors of blue, I simply mixed white and navy together to get a lighter blue.

painting a pumpkin

Step 2: Paint vertical stripes.

I would love to tell you that I mathematically figured out spacing, but we all know that my math skills are severely lacking.

Using a blue pencil, I light marked off where I thought my stripes should be, then started painting.

marking stripes on a pumpkin

Once my vertical stripes had dried, I then marked where my horizontal stripes should go.

painting a buffalo check pumpkin

This time I did want my stripes to be the same size.

It’s hard to see, but I marked the width on a piece of plastic and used that as a guide for my spacing.

Yes, a ruler would have been my first choice, however mine seems to have gone missing!

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

painting a buffalo check pumpkin

This is what my pumpkin looked like when I was done painting both the horizontal and the vertical stripes.

painting a buffalo check pumpkin

Time for step 4!

Using the navy paint, I painted the square where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.

Buffalo check pumpkin

Ta Da!!!!

My Buffalo check pumpkin was done.

Painted Pumpkins and door mat

Time to decorate the front porch.

I love how the navy pumpkin matches the blue of my front door.

Painted pumpkins

It was so much fun painting the buffalo check that I decided to paint another one.

This time with orange polk-a-dots.

Buffalo check pumpkin and door mat

Hello pumpkin!

Now to decorate the rest of the porchlette!

On a side note, I am wondering why I always work on the porchlette after the sprinklers have run and the mortar is still wet making it look like icky mold?

I’m filing that under things to improve on!

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time….


  1. Tammy you inspired me to paint a couple of pumpkins that I need to redo. Your tutorial is great. I love your porch. the door mat is amazing.

    1. Thank you Terrie! The door mat came from Sam’s. They have several styles, but this one was my favorite. It’s a nice sized one too!

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