Bungalow Kitchen

bungalow kitchen 14I recently shared my seester Terri’s bungalow bedroom and today I  am sharing her super adorable bungalow kitchen.  I have a ton of pictures to share with you, so get a cup of coffee and sit back and get comfy!

bungalow kitchen 2

Terri’s sent me two photos  of the kitchen when she first looked at her bungalow.  Needless to say they were still in the middle of  renovation at the time these were taken.

bungalow kitchen 3

The bungalow kitchen had new gray granite counter top and backsplash. All of the cabinets had been painted white and the walls had a fresh new coat of a pale yellow.  Even though the photos showed a very unfinished kitchen, I knew that it had tons of character and could be super cute!

Bungalow Kitchen curtains

My sister indicated that she wanted to add red and black accent colors to the kitchen. We both immediately set up a board on Pinterest that we could both access and pin ideas. Terri also didn’t want to totally cover up the windows as they let in the most beautiful light.

With those criteria in mind we quickly decided to do cafe curtains in  a large red buffalo check with black accents.

Bungalow kitchen 4

This is a super quick sketch – I mean less than 5 minutes, so don’t judge! – that I sent to my sister to give her an idea of what it would look like. She loved it!

bungalow kitchen 5

Here are the finished curtains ready to hang. I don’t know about you, but I am in love with the large buffalo check!

bungalow kitchen 10

As you can see they turned out so darn cute! We also made the rustic pendant light out of a shop light. I will share how we made that later. Don’t you love all of the really cute cabinet details?

bungalow kitchen 13

This is an awful photo, sorry!, but I had to show you the overall effect. Since this picture was taken, she has installed a new faucet and it really makes that side of the room feel so finished!

bungalow kitchen 8

And remember all of that cabinet detail? We painted just the underneath side of the pretty trim black. Subtle, but now you really notice the beauty of the details! The cabinets were pretty plain with out it.

bungalow kitchen 12

When Terri moved in there were several things that still needed repair. One of those things was that some of the drawers were missing handles. Say what? We figured the odds of finding these exact pulls were slim and it might take us awhile to find them, if we ever found them at all. Our solution? Fill and paint the existing holes and add these glass knobs. Talk about a happy accident! They look so good!!!

Don’t you love her little red measuring cups?

bungalow kitchen 7

Remember this guy? He is absolutely my favorite thing in the kitchen! I want to kiss his sweet nose every time I see him! Issues much? I love all of the color!

bungalow kitchen j11

The stove is a really old antique and not a good one. Terri will be replacing this one in the future. She has her eye on a red antique replica…. that would totally rock this kitchen! I love the retro red clock she found too.

If you look close you will see an old plug in light above the stove. Hopefully that will go and a new one that is less noticeable one will take it’s place.

bungalow kitchen 9

And last, but certainly not least, is this sweet pig picture. It is the perfect piece to bridge the free standing fridge with the adorable shutter turned coat rack that one of her besties made for her!

I don’t think my sister intended to have a barnyard, but who could resist these totally awesome paintings?

I think her bungalow kitchen turned out so pretty! Sure, she has a few things she still wants to do, but that is the fun in making a house into your home!

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