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A Painted Caddy

painted caddy 15

I recently bought the cutest caddy at HobLob! I loved everything about it but the color. Which y’all KNOW I painted. I love a painted caddy!

painted caddy

When I found the caddy on sale for 66% off, it leaned a little and the color was kind of blah for me. I wanted a pop of color. So I tightened up the screw on the bottom to fix the leaning issue, then got busy with the paint.

painted caddy 1

I wanted this caddy to look like it was very old, very chippy, and had had multiple coats of paints over the years. I painted  random spots of apple green, followed by duck egg blue and followed up with an over all coat of turquoise.

painted caddy 3

I gave it a finish coat of clear and dark wax. The final result was really cool  except for one thing… It was WAY to green for me.  We all know that it ain’t easy being green! I wanted a pop of color, but not that much color.

painted caddy 5

My solution? I added a coat of light blue to tone it down and gave it a light sanding. I forwent the dark wax this time, just in case it brought out more of the yellow green colors than I wanted.painted caddy 7

Here’s my final result. I was in love with it. I quickly put it on my kitchen island and loaded this sweet little caddy up. One project down, a billion more to go. So it was off to my office/work space.

painted caddy 8

This is the mess that greeted me.

painted caddy 9


painted caddy 10

My solution for anything that I don’t have a clue what to do with…

Needless to say I immediately thought that I needed to buy something for a better storage solution. Something that  was vertical rather than horizontal… something pretty with multiple dividers, something that had easy access to all of my stuff that I use daily. Oh, wait… I have a painted caddy in the kitchen that would be perfect.

painted caddy 12

And it is perfect! I holds all the nick- nack- paddy -crap that was all over my desk. I sorted through all of the junk, tossed what I didn’t need or had no clue what it was or where it came from, then loaded that painted caddy up!

painted caddy 14

Not only did it hold all of my stuff that was spread out all over my work area, it is really pretty too. And I feel like I have lost ten pounds- ha! I wish!

A painted caddy was the perfect solution. Another happy accident!

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  1. I love it! Caddy’s are a favorite of mine…
    I enjoy Findind new ways and new ideas to make these!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Helen Holley

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