Changes In The Bathroom

I’ve made a few changes in the bathroom. The changes are so small that I’m almost embarrassed to show them to you! They certainly weren’t planned,that’s for sure.

changes in the bathroom 11A couple of days ago, I was painting my guest room for the third time in two weeks. The third times the charm! I have company coming for the holiday weekend so I have been working like a mad woman to get the guest room finished. 

changes in the bathroom 1

As you can see, the pink paint on the walls was really pink. Not the look I was going for at all.

I thought I would live with the new paint color awhile and see if I would grow to love it. There was really nothing wrong with the color, it just wasn’t what I had visualized. However, after a couple of weeks I knew I had to repaint.

changes in the athroom 2

The new paint color I chose was Sherwin Williams Diminutive Pink. I love it. It is a soft, barely there, frosty pink.

Changes in the bathroom

What a difference! As I was painting, the new paint almost looked white in comparison to the original paint.

changes in the bathroom 3As I was cleaning up from painting the guest room, I happened to look over at the adjoining bathroom. My initial reaction was: “Eeeww!” It was obvious that there need to be some changes in the bathroom.

changes in the bathroom 5

I have always HATED the carpet on the floors. Carpet in the bathroom is just not my thing.

The brown walls made the super small bathroom really dark.

The only redeeming thing in this bathroom was the vanity. I love the color.

All I could think of was that the bathroom would look truly awful next to the newly repainted guest room.

That was when I had my lightbulb moment. I had plenty of pink paint leftover. While I couldn’t give the bathroom a complete makeover, I could give it a tiny facelift.

changes in the bathroom 10

This tiny bath has two really tiny rooms. The vanity area and the shower area.  I didn’t have enough paint to do both, so I chose to get rid of the brown walls first. Until I could paint the shower area, I wanted to add some pink in there. A simple and easy solution? Add pink bows to the shower curtain rings.

changes in the bathroom 6

Once I finished painting, it occurred to me that I would need different art on the walls.

Since new art wasn’t in my budget, I decided to shop my house and to make some art. I painted four miniature bird paintings to match the shower curtain. I’ll share more on that how I did that later.

changes in the bathroom8

Of course, I already had the crown plaque and we all know that here at the castle no room goes without a crown!

changes in the bathroom 9

I also had these botanicals prints that weren’t in use. I have always loved them and was so excited to get to use them.

changes in the bathroom4

I had a lamp in the bathroom, which of course didn’t match anymore. I simply switched out the shade and add a blue trim to the bottom of it.

changes in the bathroom 7

The changes in the bathroom were complete.  Well, lets be honest, it’s all I had time for before my guests arrive. This bathroom is by no means perfect or pin worthy, but it is so much better!

I still have a ton of things that I would love to do in here. Remove the old mirror and replace with a new one. I want to get rid of the old carpet and add  hard surface flooring.  New vanity nick nacks and of course paint the shower area pink.

I will get to all of those, just not today! Time to enjoy the weekend.







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