Fall Pillows

I just want to say right up front, that I love my new FALL pillows even if they may look a little like a Halloween pillows.


I like to change out my throw pillows every so often.  Don’t you? Pillows on the sofa are like jewelry on a beautiful black dress. They help usher in seasons, holidays and celebrations at my house.


I honestly hadn’t planned on changing the pillows on the sofa out.  The ones on the sofa right now remind me of mums and are in fall colors.

I went shopping at Hobby Lobby a few days ago. I was looking for a few things to spruce up my fall decor and ran across these pillow covers that were on sale.  Cheap!

I bought the orange pillow cover for fall, the black for Halloween and the green for Christmas!

Honestly, it is amazing that I left with only six. There was a beautiful velvet, dark blue green cover that was calling my name….


I wanted my fall pillows to be fun. Pom poms and tassels on pillows are all the rage right now so I decided to give it a try.

My living room  colors are black and off white. This allows me to add in shots of other colors. I decided to add black pom poms to the pillows. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found a” how to make pom poms”  pin, grabbed some yarn and went to work.


When I tied my poms together, I left a long tail to use as a way to attach the pom to the pillow. I have this really big upholstery needle that works perfectly for large yarns, threads or twine.

I threaded the long tail onto the needle.


Finding the corners of your pillow, push the needle, from the outside in, into the very corner and pull the needle through into the inside of the pillow cover.


Once your tail is pulled tightly to the inside, remove the needle and tie an knot, with your tail, as close to the corner seam as possible.


Your pom pom should look like this once you are done.


My fall pillow is finished! I love it, but I am willing to admit it may look more like a Halloween pillow than a fall one.


It could be, that instead of making a fall pillow, I was making a pillow honoring my favorite college.  Seriously, that was not my intention when I was making it. However, it is football season!


For now the black pom poms are staying. I like that if I decide that I don’t like the poms, I can simply cut the “tail” on the inside of the pillow cover and remove the poms without hurting either the poms or the pillow covers. That’s a win win!

I love changing out my throw pillows with the seasons. It is such an easy and inexpensive way to give my room a quick new look. I am so happy with mine that I am already planning what to do with the Halloween and Christmas ones.  Do you change out your throw pillows? I would love to hear how you change up your rooms!





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