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Christmas in the Family Room

Christmas in the family room is pretty traditional here at the castle.  Well, there may be a bit of whimsy here and there just for a little fun! The elves have been busy flinging tinsel, wrapping presents and decorating. So come on in for a peek.

My favorite thing in the family room is the Christmas tree. I love to light a fire at night and sit by the tree reading a book.

Or maybe just sit and look at the ornaments that we have collected over the years.

Remember I told you that Christmas in the family room had a little whimsy? Well, maybe I should have said a lot of whimsy. The star that went on the top of our tree for over 20 years died.  I was so excited when I found a beautiful gold, glittery one that lit up. What I didn’t realize, until I plugged it in, was that it projects a kaleidoscope  of colors that gyrate on the ceiling!

The 70’s skating rink called and they want their star back.

However, it is growing on me and it is a conversation started for sure!

The mantle is pretty classic with reds and greens. This year I found the cutest pom pom garland at Michaels.  It would be so easy to make one.  I’m not kidding. All it is made of is yarn.

There is nothing that will warm up a room for me like a few Christmas pillows and throws.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without my snow globe collection. At Thanksgiving my niece told me that I may have the largest collection of snow globes that she has ever seen. Not yet.  There is always room for one  or two  more! Right?

I won this red lantern at Pokeeno this past year. With a string of lights, a candle and greenery it is perfect for the sofa table.  I confess I’ve had a love affair with plaid at Christmas for a few years now.

Above the sofa table is the garland on the stairs.  I used to have super elaborate garland on the stairs with tons of lights and huge ribbon winding through it.

However, a few years ago it all bit the dust. Since then I’ve gone with smaller greenery and a ton of bulbs.

Christmas in the family room is traditional, crazy and whimsical all rolled up together. I guess it fits right in with all of us who live at the castle!

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Don’t forget that next week starts the Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour!


  1. Love it all, Tammy! Oh gosh, that snowglobe collection is terrific, and I bet everyone plays with it! Lol, skating rink called…too funny. You should find a station on Pandora or Spotify with skating music for when people arrive…..

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