Christmas Home Tour – Part 2


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Welcome back for my Christmas home tour part 2! In my last post I showed you my kitchen and eat in dining area. Today we are gonna hit the rest of the Castle!

Christmas tree 17

I shared my tree with you in an earlier post this past month.  We bought a new one this year. Our old one had to go. I was literally tying up the branches with fishing line.  The Hubs went to put it away for me last year and made a detour to the trash instead of the attic!  The old tree was HUGE! Not just in height but in width at the bottom.  I was always rearranging furniture. The hubs insisted that it be a “skinny” tree. I had my doubts, but I do love this one.

ChT 16

I love adding Christmas pillows, although I don’t have that many. My goal this next year is to make slipcovers for the pillows I use everyday.  We shall see! My mantel again, can’t be live greenery due to allergies, so I just go with faux greenery and decorate it to match the tree.

CHT 15

You all know I love colored glass and have collected since I was a child. Well, this is my second obsession – snow globes. This is my Christmas collection.  I put it out on the coffee table. I usually wind different colored beads between them, but this year  I was in the mood for a simpler look.



The last few years I seem to be drawn to these silly snow girls. They just make me smile!


I changed up the garland on the stairs this year. New ribbon, less stuff hanging from it and I just did two large drapes as opposed to five. Getting the garland even was a nightmare!   My son’s nutcracker collection was on the fireplace mantel for years. As with all things here at the castle, I was ready for a change. I wasn’t ready to get rid of them. ( He WILL want them someday!) So I decided to use them at the base of the stair treads.  I used Command Strips to ensure that they couldn’t be knocked over.


I like that I get to really see and enjoy them.

CHT 10

At the end of the stairs I have a swag. Nestled inside is a gold musical bell my Granny used to hang in her dining room doorway.  I still remember my Grandpa lifting me up so I could pull the string so the bell could make music. Good memories!


CHT 13

And last, but not least, my dining room. I love stacking different dishes at each place setting. This  is what the table looked like this year for the Queens party. All extended for eight.  This will change soon as I decorate if for the four of us for our Christmas dinner. I try and change it up a bit every year without going out and buying all new stuff.  This year I decided to decoratively fold the napkins instead of using a napkin ring.  I also mixed up the stemware.  Can you tell I like eclectic?

CHT 14

Oh, I almost forgot – my powder room. It is tiny so I have limited space for decor. I can’t believe I am showing you but here goes. This is my two legged tree.  I lost one of the legs. I keep thinking that I am going to make a base for it but ain’t nobody had time for that here at the castle lately! Thank goodness you really only see it head on and not from the side so you don’t notice it – much.  I placed the cute and crazy owl next to it as a diversion.

That is the conclusion of my Christmas home tour. I hope you enjoyed it,maybe even got a few new ideas and if you are like me you realize that if your Christmas decor isn’t a model show home worthy, it really is OK!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time…..



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